Manicure Monday – 2/4/19 – Sensationail My Cherry Amour

Sensationail My Cherry AmourManicure Monday – 2/4/19 – Sensationail My Cherry Amour

My last manicure, Gelaze Exceptionally Gifted, wore beautifully. Not only did it grow out gracefully, it didn’t lift like a petulant child.

This week, I opted for a classic red manicure using Sensationail My Cherry Amour in their Express Gel formula. This is three coats plus a layer of their gel base & top coat. Express Gel is Sensationail’s version of products like China Glaze’s Gelaze. You can learn more about it here. It’s the only, “true,” red gel polish I own, unfortunately, since Sensationail discontinued their Scarlet Red shade a few years ago.

Bonus Pedicure

The pedicure is China Glaze Pink Plumeria, a pretty bright, light pink pearl from a Summer collection of yore whose name I wasn’t familiar with. The formula is a little fussy, but it is very pretty and feminine. The shade is from a recent haul inspired by my turquoise blue nails that I’ll share soon.

It occurred to me after I finished painting that the combination of Pink Plumeria and Sensationail My Cherry Amour is the most Valentine’s Day-appropriate mani-pedi I’ve ever done, and it wasn’t intentional (because I don’t typically acknowledge the holiday). DAMN IT.

What’s on your nails this week?