Manicure Monday – 1/14/19 – Nina Ultra Pro Caribbean Blue

Manicure Monday - Nina Ultra Pro Caribbean Blue

I wrote the previous Manicure Monday post the Saturday prior to publish. Then, on Sunday, I got rid of the Nude Mood manicure and started anew. So this, really, should’ve gone live Monday. We’re catching up from a lag!

I’ve been doing a lot of neutrals on my fingers and reds on my toes. And I love both – they’re classic, professional, effortless.

A Polish to Gel Manicure

But I wanted some color in my life, so I reached for Nina Ultra Pro in Caribbean Blue and my Sensationail Polish to Gel kit.

And since we’re being crazy, I did my ring fingers as accent nails. I used ORLY in Go Deeper with Polish to Gel, applied with a wedge makeup sponge.

I later managed, the Saturday after I applied it, to clip my left pinky with a car door, resulting in bleeding under the nail. I’d like to point out that the polish was PERFECTLY UNBLEMISHED, which I think is a testament to how utterly badass Sensationail polish to gel is. I popped it off anyhow to assess the damage. Eek, it’s better repainted; so I repainted it without a polish-to-gel cocktail.

A Coordinating Pedicure

For my pedicure, I went matchy-matchy. I skipped the glitter there and didn’t make a gel polish cocktail because it doesn’t do much for my toes, but I love how it turned out.

The Bottom Line

I had forgotten how flattering this pretty turquoise is on me! Usually I can’t do blue polish justice – or maybe it’s the other way around – but I love this color on me. In real life, it leans a little warmer/greener than it does in these pictures.

In these dreary winter weeks, it’s giving me a little life.