First Look: Billie Razors

Billie Razors

Recently, an ad for Billie Razors punctuated my Instagram feed. Featuring a sleek, simple handle and an aloe-encased blade cartridge, Billie doesn’t seem to be trying to sell you the world. Some ads are cute, some try to show their products realistically engaged in hair removal on women who actually have hair to remove. Quaint notion, right?

How Billie Razors Works

Railing against the Pink Tax and aspiring to simplify hair removal for those of us who desire it, Billie Razors follows a subscription-based business model not unlike Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s.

You sign up for a starter kit, then get a recurring shipment of replacement blades based on how you describe your shaving frequency to Billie.

Sign Up

Wow, talk about a nice user experience! Billie’s web team made a simple site that is responsive and pleasant to interact with in both mobile- and desktop-formats.

You head to their site and click Let’s Get Started to configure your Starter Kit – which runs $9 for a handle, holder, and two blades.

  • First, you pick your handle color; I went with Blush because it is pretty I’m terribly exciting boring as hell.
  • Next, it asks you how frequently you like to shave. The three options (daily, a few times a week, or weekly) determine how frequently replacement blades are shipped to your door. These shipments are $9 for four replacement cartridges and ship for free.
  • Then, it gives you the option to add some accessory products – their shave cream, body wash, lotion, and some other items. I skipped these for now.
  • Finally, page summarizes and confirms your selections and future shipment frequency, then prompts you to checkout.

What’s Next

Curiously, I did not get a shipment confirmation e-mail; I had to go back in separately to establish my account on their site (takes two seconds) to see both shipment info and my subscription details. Based on my frequency, I’ll get four cartridges every other month if I keep my subscription. You can skip or change each shipment as needed. Check it out:

Billie Subscription Page

Billie Razors ships surprisingly swiftly! I placed my order late at night on Sunday, 1/27 and received my shipment yesterday – Thursday, 1/31.

The Bottom Line

Today wasn’t a shave day, so I haven’t given it a shot yet, but I’m hopeful. We’ll see if they deliver a nice shaving experience.