Checking In: Billie Razors

Billie Razors

Several years ago, I switched from Gillette razor products to Billie Razors. But it’s time to revisit!

Do I Still Use Billie Razors?

I do! Now that I’ve concluded my laser treatment, though, I go through blades extremely slowly. When I say extremely slowly, I mean I haven’t had blades shipped to me since April 2021 I was already going through them slowly back then and had several on hand. That April 2021 shipment gave me four more and I’ve just been working off that stockpile.

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Billie Razor Review

Billie RazorsBillie Razor

Shaving. Many of us do it, most of us aren’t particularly in love with the process for one reason or another. Be it time, cost, irritation – whatever. Let’s face it; the drugstore heavy-hitters when it comes to razors are expensive AF. Even favoring men’s razors in an attempt to eschew the Pink Tax doesn’t always give you the results you’re looking for.

At the end of January, I placed an order for a Billie razor. They arrived promptly, and within a couple days I tried my new razor.


My Billie razor came pre-assembled. That is, the head was attached to the handle already. For fun, I popped it off to get a sense for how it behaves. Like many razors, the head detatch/disengage mechanism is a slide-latch at the neck. The head pops off relatively easily. Placing a new one on the handle, however, was a little fussier of a process than removal was. There are little lanes or tracks on the head that make it a little difficult to attach a new one without closely scrutinizing the attachment mechanism.

Basically, I can pop a new head on a Venus or Mach3 without looking. I have to look at the Billie to do it. I initially thought this was just because I was less-familiar with the hardware, but its also just that the mechanism is a little less elegant.

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First Look: Billie Razors

Billie Razors

Recently, an ad for Billie Razors punctuated my Instagram feed. Featuring a sleek, simple handle and an aloe-encased blade cartridge, Billie doesn’t seem to be trying to sell you the world. Some ads are cute, some try to show their products realistically engaged in hair removal onĀ women who actually have hair to remove. Quaint notion, right?

How Billie Razors Works

Railing against the Pink Tax and aspiring to simplify hair removal for those of us who desire it, Billie Razors follows a subscription-based business model not unlike Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s.

You sign up for a starter kit, then get a recurring shipment of replacement blades based on how you describe your shaving frequency to Billie.

Sign Up

Wow, talk about a nice user experience! Billie’s web team made a simple site that is responsive and pleasant to interact with in both mobile- and desktop-formats.

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