Manicure Monday – 1/21/19 – Gelaze Exceptionally Gifted

China Glaze Glaze Exceptionally GiftedChina Glaze Glaze Exceptionally Gifted

After two weeks of blue, I’m back in the realm of neutral-ish on my fingers. This soft pink with metallic pearl is feminine and flattering on me. While it isn’t remotely a dupe for my loved-and-lost Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds polish of yore, it is probably the closest I’ve come in a gel formula.

Gel versions of colors that already exist in lines tend to differ slightly, but this time, the difference is nice. Swatches of the classic formula, though, would deter me from purchase. Gelaze Exceptionally Gifted, however, is quite nice! Reviews indicate that the classic formula is very chip-prone, but I’ve never had an issue with the wear of the Gelaze polishes.

Frankly, my application was shoddy – I did it late in the evening while watching TV (usually I’m fully absorbed in manicure-land), so I wouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get two weeks out of it. Knowing I did a lousy job, I’ll be happy with one.

Bonus Pedicure

Just because my fingers are back to neutral-ish doesn’t mean all of me has to be. This time, I reached for China Glaze Orange You Hot for my pedicure. I’ve owned this color before, but my blue stint reminded me of my love of fun color, so I picked up a new bottle (more on that next week).

Oh, it’s bright and fun – a welcome and brief distraction from the five inches of snow I woke up to the morning after I applied. Interestingly, the reviews on the formulation of this color are pretty mediocre – but I’ve never had an issue with application. I’ll chalk the criticism up to amateur application. ;)