Manicure Monday – 2/18/19 – China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink

China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink
China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink

This short-but-sweet Manicure Monday post features China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink. This week’s manicure actually went on the day before Valentine’s Day. I didn’t quite get two weeks out of my previous manicure, to my chagrin.

This bright, neon pink is more than I’d typically don on my fingers these days – but what the hell? It looks super neat under the lamp as it cures. It is bright and lively, and we could all use a little more of that.

So far, nearly a week in, it looks great and I have no expectations of premature lift. It’s no original formula Flip Flop Fantasy, but China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink is damn fun nonetheless.

You can get China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink here, or it regular polish version here.

Pedicure Details

As for my toes, I took a break from the brights and donned ol’ faithful, Red Hot Rio today. So… basically I have an inverse Valentine’s-appropriate mani-pedi combo, also unintentional. WTF.

3 thoughts on “Manicure Monday – 2/18/19 – China Glaze Gelaze Shocking Pink”

  1. Hi there, I hate to highjack this post about nail color, but I stumbled upon your diy hair glaze treatment here in 2019 only to discover those products were discontinued. I didn’t know whether this was something you had revisited and maybe had tried again with products that are currently available.

    • No problem! Yeah, I’m super miffed that the Clariol glosses I was using are discontinued. I’m in the process of trying a new method, but I’m not 100% sure I’d recommend it yet – so its still in the works.

    • Hi there Katherine,
      It just occurred to me to follow-up. I posted about a new product I’ve tried – you can check that out here.

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