Clairol Jazzing – Hair Gloss / Hair Glaze Update

Clairol Jazzing Hair Gloss Hair Glaze

Several years ago, I shared a tutorial on how I perform a DIY hair gloss or hair glaze treatment at home. This is one of the blog’s most-popular posts – which is great, but also sad because the damn Clairol Colorgloss Radiance line upon which it was based got discontinued.

I need to create an emoji for how this makes me feel.

Anyway, since the discontinuation, finding an alternative wound up on the back-burner for me. When I started to come up for air, I decided to give another Clariol product a try.

Enter Clairol Jazzing

This time, I went with a single-step (no mixing! no mess!) product that comes in a convenient dispenser bottle. No ratios, no mixer bottles, no matching developer. Clairol Jazzing is under $7 a bottle at Sally Beauty.

The Clairol Jazzing line has been out for ages but I knew (and know) very little about it. What’s important to me is that they have a Clear variety of this product that I can use to execute a quick hair gloss or hair glaze treatment without hitting a salon.


This product is mind-numbingly simple to use:

Dispense onto and distribute evenly throughout towel-dried hair. If, like me, you have a lot of hair do yourself a favor and section it before applying. I like to take it a step further and use a haircolor application brush to apply and distribute because I have one, but it isn’t necessary; just comb your section after you apply to be sure you don’t have any product-free spots.

Then, process for up to thirty minutes with heat. You can go without heat if you need to, but you’ll get a better and longer-lasting result if you throw some heat on it for a little bit. Since we’re just people and not hairdressers, don’t think you need to stand there until your arm falls off holding your dryer.

Shampoo it out and you’re good to go!


I feel that the product duo I used previously is slightly more effective, but the trade off in convenience and user-friendliness is fine in my opinion.

Plot Twist – Advanced Prep

I’m ridiculous and am always looking for efficiency in my beauty routine. Although I like a lot of these processes, it doesn’t mean I want to devote half a day to them. Soooo I tried cocktailing Clariol Jazzing with my purple shampoo. How?

  • First, I throw half a bottle of Jazzing into a color mixing bowl with a few pumps of my GVP purple shampoo and mix violently.
  • Then, I get my hair wet really quickly, squeeze the water out, and roughly towel dry.
  • Next, I divide it into sections. The number you’ll need depends on your hair. I usually end up with around 6-8.
  • After that, apply the concoction and comb through section-by-section. By the end, my hair is an awkwardly amusing shade. My skin on my shoulders and collarbones looks like death-warmed-over. It is highly attractive.
  • Once that’s done, I let it sit (no heat) for a half hour.
  • Finally, I wash it out in the shower. Use a rich conditioner because your hair deserves it.

ALL OF THIS SAID – proceed with caution when playing mad scientist with hair products. Chemicals are not to be trifled with.

The Bottom Line

My results heading, above, sums it up. The product is easy to get your hands on, relatively inexpensive, and easy to use. I have been able to mix it with my toning shampoo to kill two birds with one stone. I’d recommend it if you’re looking for an at-home glaze treatment, but I don’t think it is quite as good as a treatment you’d get in a salon.