TPDTY: You Need a Glass Nail File

Glass Nail File
Things People Don’t Tell You: You Need a Glass Nail File

Of all my beauty pursuits, I am most skilled with nails – and have bothered with them the longest (read: forever). Over the years, I’ve owned hundreds of different nail files. I kept a glass nail file primarily for smoothing but never for shaping because it simply isn’t the right tool for it. As a result, I didn’t use them as often because I had other tools that could accomplish the same purpose.

For years now, I’ve given myself gel polish manicures. I did a DIY gel manicure before I ever got a professional one, and have in fact only had a handful of professional gel manicures since. It wasn’t until late 2017, though, that the same manicurist who made me pine for Icelanded a Bottle of OPI let me in on a tip.

Gel Manicures

If the capped free edge is compromised, it smooths it beautifully without further harming the structural integrity or seal of the gel polish. You can then either reseal with a gel top coat or go about your life.


For polish-free nails, a glass nail file has a very fine grit that won’t significantly reduce length. You have to try to screw up with a glass nail file.


There isn’t much to say on this – a glass nail file tends to be less questionable in a carry-on when flying than a metal file. We can argue the TSA’s logic all we like, but it is what it is. I have one that is rounded on either end that I travel with to treat snags on-the-go.


A glass file is more hygienic and easily sterilized than a conventional emery board.

The Bottom Line

A glass nail file has a place in anyone’s kit who executes or receives gel manicures with any kind of frequency. If you If you’re looking for a recommendation, I own this set that was inexpensive and is sturdy and effective.

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