February 2017 Favorites

February 2017 FavoritesFebruary 2017 Favorites
1. Old Spice Bearglove, $4 / 2. Les Mirages Antibacterial File, $1.20 /
3. Vaseline Spray Moisturizer, $6 / 4. Shave Secret, $4

I’ve been coasting along between being busy and unadventurous and being on a no-buy. Like last month, all my February 2017 favorites are drugstore (or drugstore price-point) finds. Easy to find, easy on the wallet, and worth your bother.

Details after the jump.


On Monday, I shared the Old Spice deodorant I’m wearing. I find Bearglove to be a very neutral, yet pleasant fragrance. Not too girly for gentlemen, and not nauseating for ladies. Fiji is another nice one!


I can’t recall if I’ve discussed my favorite nail file on the blog before. Assuming I haven’t, this inexpensive, medium-grit yellow file is it. I’m unsure of the grit value, but I estimate it is around 220 since it is recommended for natural nails. At $1.19 with my Sally Beauty Card, I have a ton – one in my purse, one at work, several at home.


This second-month-in-a-row favorites, lazy-girl friendly spray-lotion was discussed recently. Combined with my next favorite and my favorite scrub (see last month’s post), it has been keeping my legs in better post-shave condition than they’ve been in in quite a while. It’s perfect for gotta-get-done-quick morning showers or any other time you’re impatient or lazy. It isn’t the best moisturizer out there, but what it lacks in moisturizing oomph it makes up for in making it easier for me to use consistently.

When I can spare time, patience, and/or bothers to give, I reach for unscented Eucerin Daily Replenishing.


On This ridiculously tiny dropper is the best shave product I have ever used, ever. Period, full stop. Instead of gels that contain alcohol, dry your skin, and leave a ring of rust in your shower, this oil moisturizes and creates a shockingly good barrier to produce a close shave. Best part? $4. Worst part? You need rinse your blade thoroughly and often during use. I find that I sometimes need to gingerly wipe the blades on a washcloth to clear the blades. That said, it is worth it.

What were your February 2017 Favorites?