It Costs How Much? The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson SupersonicDyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $399

I believe in investing in quality products that will last. Not just trivial beauty products, but anything; if I buy a coat, I don’t want to have to replace it in at least five years. My time is worth a lot to me; I don’t relish having to spend my time to replace things when I could spend a bit more and have it last. Then, net-of-the-net is that I’ve spent less time AND money on that particular purchase.

In short, I’m comfortable with higher up-front investments (within reason, of course – price does not equal quality). Some believe the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is just that.


The satin-finished Dyson Supersonic looks majestic; at a glance, it is unmistakably Dyson. Technologically and design-wise, it is cutting edge.

  • Air shoots out smoothly just like the Dyson fans.
    (Ooh – those are neat.)
  • Overall, the body is small, under two pounds, and balanced thanks to the motor living in the handle.
    (Groundbreaking, actually)
  • The attachment nozzles are magnetic.
    (So they won’t pop off with the slightest brush of my hand?!)
  • The attachment nozzles remain cool to the touch.
    (Raise your hand if you’ve ever burned your fingers popping off your concentrator!)

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is a lot of things I, and other consumers, really want.

The Bottom Line

It will be a frigid, miserable day in hell before I spend $400 on a blow dryer. Period, full stop. I don’t care how cutting edge and magical it is. Unless it dries my hair in three minutes, gives me a shoulder massage, pours me a glass of wine, then goes and washes my dishes – then maybe. I think I could wrap my head around spending as much as $200 on this dryer. Typing that last sentence made me cringe, but it’s true – I’d legitimately consider it. As long as it’s Dyson, though, that price point just won’t happen.

My current <$30 dryer is no-frills, but works well. I can dry my long hair in about ten minutes with it, plus or minus five depending on the products I’m using. I don’t think investing more in a hair dryer is unreasonable. So much of what you’re paying for with the Dyson Supersonic is the name, though, and I refuse to play ball. The cost/benefit analysis on this just didn’t pan out.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I might, (and that is a big might) spend $200 but I just replaced my hairdryer for less than $35. Very happy with my purchase. I cannot justify the price tag of this Dyson. Although I do have a cordless Dyson vacuum that has changed my life. ;)

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