Cutover Complete

We’re on our new host now with pretty minimal downtime as the site’s address resolved to its new location. Yay!

Not too much to say on that; I ended up having to go with a different hosting provider than I was working on originally when I made the previous announcement, but it worked out well.

Upcoming Changes / Future of the Blog

July was a strange month with personal developments that required my focus. This bled into August. I reached a decision, but only now have capacity to communicate it and start executing.

Future of Beauty Skeptic

I reached a decision about what to do with the blog.

I am working on relocating where it is hosted – but the process to do so is going to mean there will be down-time associated with it. Between now and Labor Day, may be periodically unavailable as I migrate hosts.

Why is This Time Different?

Last time I did this, the provider I moved to offered fully automated, turnkey service, I need to do a great deal of this manually – and some of it is learn-as-I go, because while I do work in tech, I am not a Systems Administrator.

What Does This Mean?

All said and done, it means that after the migration is done, you will still be able to access the site and contents a you did before.

For me, it means I have significantly less financial overhead to keep this site live. It isn’t that I want to wash my hands of the project, but the combination of where it was as a priority + how much it was costing just to keep it online + the administration of keeping it online + content creation combined made me consider shuttering it.

Since I’m defraying cost, I think the other elements will be much easier to digest. :)

Fixed, I Think?

Evidently most of the site was broken for nearly a month. I think I have it mostly fixed based on spot checks I’ve done.

Please let me know if a resource you’re trying to reference gives you a weird error!

Thanks for bearing with me.

Brands Going Out of Business Since 2020

Since I’ve been more-or-less off the beauty reservation for a while, I missed a LOT of news about brands going out of business since 2020. As in, I had no idea that as many brands closed down in the past two years.

Here’s a summary of companies that have closed since the start of the pandemic. We’ll address the timing, too – because there’s a myth that the pandemic caused these closures.


During the lockdowns of 2020, I wrote about Clarisonic’s sudden shutter because, well, I was a customer. Although my opinion of how it was handled remains the same, I’ve come to think that the end-result isn’t a bad thing. After all, even if I really liked the product, it’s now not as easy to spend money on disposable plastic and e-waste, right? Net positive for the planet.

But it isn’t just Clarisonic.

Coastal Scents

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All Set!

Alright – all of my nerd tasks are done and Beauty Skeptic is cut over to the new host! Thanks for bearing with me through the technical transition.

Site Maintenance

Things might be a little odd, stability-wise, around here for a little bit.

In Exciting Nerd News

Beauty Skeptic is in the process of migrating web hosting providers! This is largely an exercise in tedium, but I am really happy to be breaking up with BlueHost. It’s been a long time coming.


It might be a little bumpy because ye olde day job is hectic at the moment, as is school. Ergo, whereas I would normally run this migration like any other project, I can’t give it that level of priority right now.

Thanks for bearing with me through this change.