April 2015 Favorites

April 2015 Favorites
April 2015 Favorites
1. Chef’n Fresh Force Citrus Juicer, $25 / 2. Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip & Cheek Creamy Oil, $11 /
3. Urban Decay Freelove $18 / 4. Plus White Gel, $9 / 5. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade, $18

I hope you all aren’t bothered by a non-beauty item sneaking in here every now and then, but I’m unreasonable excited about the first one in the April 2015 Favorites graphic.

I love fair-style lemonade. You know the kind – approximately four pounds of sugar in like a 20-24oz cup, a lemon squeezed in, some ice, some water, shaken violently. Sweet, lemony goodness. Although I’m all but addicted to it, I don’t really love paying $5/cup for it. We bought this citrus press from our local Kitchen Connection store (and lucked out, getting it on sale for $10!), but it is also available on Amazon and I believe Williams-Sonoma, if you’re into that. Having used it, I’d gladly pay its full price of $25. It also does great for limes. If either lemons or limes are relevant to your interests (lemon water, lemonade, limeade, margaritas…) you need this.

At first, I expected not to like these – they came as part of the exchange that my MAC Flamingo and MAC Creme in Your Coffee came in. Once I figured out how to use them properly, however, they skyrocketed to my two favorite blushes in my collection. A review is coming soon. They’re pretty awesome, and I will repurchase one of them (but oh god which one!?) when I’m out.

Pink eyeshadow. A lot of people are afraid of it. I’m not, you just have to wear it right. Freelove is a peachy pink not-quite-satin, not-quite-shimmer finish and I love it. It could double as a blush, too, and would be really pretty. I got a pan of this from Glambot last year, and wanted one in the new formula, so I took advantage of a 50% off promo Ulta ran a couple months back – it is such a pretty Spring shade.

As a coffee and tea drinker, my teeth can use a pick-me-up for when they inevitably show during speech (I don’t love my teeth, so I don’t really flash them when I smile). Plus White is cheap, accessible (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, drugstores), doesn’t cause agonizing sensitivity, and is easier-to-use if you have less-than-straight teeth than the popular strips. I use it with a molded tray – slap it on before hopping in the shower, leave it in for the duration, get out, brush and rinse, and you’re good to go without disrupting your day.

As someone who loves gel products to be applied with a brush, this has been a favorite for a while honestly. Your brows can be as effortless or as sculpted as you want, and versatility is a beautiful thing. Check out my review and tutorial on how to use Dipbrow. The price-tag may seem steep at first, but it lasts a really long time and can be used to create a multitude of brow looks. You can get this on Amazon, at Ulta, or at Sephora.

What were your April 2015 Favorites?