MAC Flamingo Swatches

Can we talk about this color?

As someone who lives in a world filled with MLBBs and neutral lips, this is such a fun step outside of my usual. I was wanting to give MAC Flamingo a shot for awhile and was lucky enough to receive it from a recent gift exchange held by a makeup community I am involved in (thank you again, R!)

I love it.

MAC Flamingo - BulletMAC Flamingo

MAC Flamingo is one of MAC’s lustre finish lipsticks – which is surprising when you see the single-swipe swatch below. The coral-ish pink is on the lighter side, but I do not believe it is light enough to wash anyone out, regardless of skintone. MAC Flamingo is a really nice spring-and-summer color, very nice for everyday wear.

MAC Flamingo - Swatch

Lustres are usually far more sheer, but MAC Flamingo is closer to opaque (but it is not opaque) than translucent in a single swipe. It can be built up, but achieving full opacity will take a little effort, and the result will be a little louder than a normal application. On its own it has a nice sheen to it; it glistens slightly in the light, but is not glossy.

As wear goes, I find that I needed to reapply every 2-3 hours even without having a beverage – personally, I believe this is reasonable for this formula, but beware if you hate reapplying. Fortunately, as it wears away it isn’t painfully obvious or awkward looking. Even though you do need to reapply every so often, it isn’t a fussy shade.

I’d love to find a drugstore dupe just because, but I think MAC Flamingo might be one of those unique-to-MAC lipstick shades. I will gladly repurchase once I have run through the tube.

Do you have any new lipsticks you’re loving?

2 thoughts on “MAC Flamingo Swatches”

  1. I’ve been looking to try this one, I feel like the colors online never look how they do when you get them. I don’t have a mac counter close to me so I just have to order them and hope for the best.
    This one looks great on your swatch, thanks :))

    xox Lo

    • I find myself in the same situation sometimes – my closest MAC counter involves a field trip to a high-traffic mall so it isn’t something I love. I tend to spend a lot of time researching swatches before committing to a shade.

      I appreciate the praise – thanks for reading! I’ll be checking our your blog, too.

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