Ulta Platinum vs Sephora VIB

Ulta Platinum vs Sephora VIBUlta Platinum vs Sephora VIB

Beauty chains companies are realizing that they have a a fiercely loyal group of customers that it is wise to maintain. Ulta features Ultamate Rewards and Sephora features Beauty Insider, respectively. They work differently and have different perks but they do have one thing in common – a tier system to reward their, “frequent fliers,” and top spenders with premium perks. So when it comes down to Ulta Platinum vs Sephora VIB which wins?

In late 2014, I hit Platinum status at Ulta and got to keep that status this year. I have no idea how this happened (reality, not being cute); I was shopping at Ulta less frequently than Sephora and I tended to spend less there; so I’m chalking it up to occasionally shopping with a friend who was content to have her purchases apply for my rewards.

In Spring 2015, with the purchase of the Silk’n Flash n Go Freedom (no longer sold at Sephora) and the Foreo Issa, I hit VIB at Sephora.

So between Ulta Platinum vs Sephora VIB – which is better?

This was originally published in December of 2015, but felt it could use some refreshing. Not joining rewards programs is like leaving money and/or product on the table, so I want to help educate my readers!

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They Can’t be Serious: Invisibobble


I often come across new products when aimlessly browsing. It seems like it has been a while since I encountered something that elicited a, “They can’t be serious…” response, but the Invisibobble Traceless Hair Ring did just that.

Yes, the Invisibobble looks eerily similar to one of those coil wristbands used as keychains in the 90s.

coilkeychainThat’s because it is.

Why anyone would think, “I want to do my hair with one of those!” is entirely beyond me. It’s like they decided to market a product after finding themselves in desperation needing a hair tie and not having one. Can it hold the hair? Probably. That doesn’t make it a chic or functional solution to shill at Sephora.

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Sephora Paint it Pink Set

Sephora Paint it Pink
I mentioned purchasing the Paint it Pink set in my Value Sets post. I’ve had some time to put it through the ringer now. Today, I’ll share a brief snippet of my thoughts on each item. Full posts for each will follow.

Sephora Paint it Pink - OpenedSephora Paint it Pink Value Set, $40

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Sephora Love Note (VIB & VIB Rouge)

Sephora Love Note

The Sephora Love Note Sale is now live!

VIB customers can use code VIBNOTE now through April 13 to score 15% off their orders.

In addition, VIB Rouge customers could use code ROUGENOTE starting yesterday to score 15% off. I’d hope people dropping $1k+ per annum got something a little more than just a day – be it a whole week or another 5% off. If you’re VIBR and disappointed, let Sephora know!

Regrettably using one of the Sephora Love Note codes, means you can’t use a code for samples. Boo.

Remember to stack your savings by using eBates and get 4-8% cash back at Sephora!

Value Sets

Throughout the year (but especially during the holidays!) retailers and brands offer samplers or value sets where you pay $X amount for several products. Like anything else, some are hits, some are misses. I’ve bit on a few of these before – a Marc Jacobs rollerball trio three years ago for $39 (still have more than half of each – definitely happy with that purchase!), The Too Faced Everything Nice Holiday 2014 Set for $59 (while I still love most of the shadows in this, if I were doing it over with over a year of hindsight, I’m not sure I would have purchased).

What I’ve never purchased for myself, however, are the Sephora-curated value sets. It’s foolish really, because some of them have been really good. I think value sets are a great way to a) try new product without committing to a full-price, full-size; b) a good way to revive your collection; and c) Sample sizes are always great for purses and travel.

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