Worth it? Color Switch by Vera Mona

I picked up the Color Switch by Vera Mona during the most recent BI sale. I find myself using the same few brushes again and again, even in the same look. Wiping brushes off on a tissue doesn’t do much, and although I love Cinema Secrets, I don’t want to use it in my brushes every day I wear makeup.

Okay, but what is it?

The $18 Color Switch is a tin filled with a disc-shaped, rough mesh sponge not unlike the material used in a bun ring . As bristles are drawn across the surface, product is jostled away and falls down into the cells of the sponge.

There is a slightly smaller $14 one as well.

Does it Work?

Sure! I find that it works precisely the way it was described to. It doesn’t make lofty claims. It is washable and reusable, so that’s nice, too.

I use it on all of my brushes to remove any excess product before I deep clean them. That way the cleansers are cleansing the brush rather than sudsing up leftover makeup.

The Bottom Line

I am satisfied on the promises vs. performance piece, but no, I would not repurchase. It’s simple and straightforward, but I could buy a $5 bun ring and cut it into medallions and get basically the same thing. The tin makes it convenient and travel friendly, but isn’t worth $10+.