Discontinued Products I Miss vol. 2

I’ve written about the list of products that have been sent to the metaphorical glue factory, and since then, the list has only grown.

DIY Hair Gloss Supplies

RIP My Preferred DIY Hair Glaze Products

The Clairol Radiance line carried at Sally’s has been discontinued, and I only found out days ago thanks to a comment from a reader. I have to find a new method to execute my DIY hair glossing treatment! I aim to have a new regimen established by December. I’d tackle this sooner, but I’m getting my balayage touched up in a few weeks and its fairly pointless to mess with it when my hair is in tip-top shape.

Discontinued Products I Miss - St Ives Whipped Silk Lotion

The Best Drugstore Lotion, Ever

This isn’t a new or recent discontinuation, I just found myself wishing it was still made. St Ives Whipped Silk body lotion was cheap, moisturizing, lightweight, lightly scented, and all-around awesome. Unfortunately, they discontinued it in the US in favor of what is, as far as I can tell, a bunch of heavily fragranced, sticky trash.

Also, RIP the Aroma Steam body washes. Those things were amazing too, dang it!

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DIY Hair Gloss – Updated

This is a legacy post that I’ve given a facelift because who doesn’t want shiny hair? I’ve done this four times now, including on my highlights – and it looks great. Opinions are the same, but is formatted and edited for easier reading and flow.

I shared a tutorial on how to DIY Hair Gloss in May 2014. It’s been a while, and it’s time to do it again – mostly to refresh the shine, and partially to make the process easier.

DIY Hair Gloss SuppliesDIY Hair Gloss Supplies


Supplies needed are the same as before, with a couple additions:

I picked up a lot of this stuff from Sally Beauty when they had some sales and I had a 20% of, but a lot of that stuff can be found on Amazon, too. Instructions after the jump.

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At Home DIY Hair Glaze

I am very lucky in that my hair is pretty awesome on its own. A lot of people don’t dig long locks because many wearers leave them unkempt – my hair is long, healthy, and free of color or chemical processing (perms, whatever the straightening-treatment-du-jour is). It is shiny on its own, but I wanted to make it unreasonably shiny without weighing it down with a lot of product (cough – also, I am lazy and do not want to have to apply shine serum EVERY DAY). So, for me, for a friend, for you, and for science, I endeavored to guinea pig an at home DIY hair glaze treatment.

I have alluded to my upcoming nuptials here and there and have been inspired by how ridiculously flippin’ expensive everything associated with weddings is. Beauty is, of course, no exception – depending on the bride’s preferences, it can be one of the most costly parts of planning and prep – but it doesn’t HAVE to be. If you were planning on a salon hair gloss or glaze treatment (which costs $30 even at a beauty school’s student salon where I live!) for a wedding or just because, keep reading because learning is fun. This is a glaze/gloss-only treatment – we won’t be depositing any color today (I am happy with the natural color of my hair) so you don’t NEED a hairstylist to achieve these results.

Here’s what you need (most of which can be acquired at Sally Beauty):

At Home DIY Hair Glaze - What You NeedSupplies needed for an At Home DIY Hair Glaze
  • A Hairbrush – I just have a classic Denman here. You can use whatever you have, as long as it detangles
  • Clarifying Shampoo – this one is Deep Cleanse by Tresemme – it is inexpensive and effective. You can get it for $3-5 online for 32 fl oz. I already had mine.
  • Clairol Professional Radiance Colorgloss in Clear Shine
  • Clairol Professional Radiance Color Infuser
  • Graduated Salon Mixer/Applicator bottle. I got mine at Sally Beauty because they had the best deal, but anything like this will work
  • An awesome conditioner. I have both L’Oreal Feria Professional ($8) pictured here AND the original Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle ($3-4); pick one
    I was going to skip the Feria because 3 Minute Miracle is awesome, but my friend (who will also be doing this soon after she touches up her color) picked it up since it will be of greater use to her. She let me borrow it for the purpose of this because she is awesome. The Feria conditioner is purportedly one of the best for color stuff (but I cannot speak to this as my hair is not colored). 3 Minute Miracle will work very well and is probably my favorite conditioner out there right now.
  • Gloves – They can be vinyl, they can be latex, whatever your heart desires. I picked up this reusable latex pair at Sally Beauty.
  • Two combs – you won’t want the teeth much closer than the black one pictured, and a wide tooth one (blue, right side)
  • Section Clips – will make your life a lot easier if you, like me, channel Cousin Itt

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