The Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss

Estee Edit Flash Photo GlossThe Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss

The Estée Edit is supposed to be Estée’s hip-and-happening brand to appeal to younger customers. I received two tiny sample tubes of the Estee Edit Flash Photo Gloss with my March haul but couldn’t be bothered with it until, well, now.

I’m glad I hadn’t wasted my time before. It’s god-awful. It’s been a long time since I’ve tried something *this* bad.

This translucent gloss goes on clear with the faintest hint of bluish-purple iridescent shimmer. Application is NOT easy – it skips and tugs, and the formula is ridiculously sticky. I did not find that it enhanced my lipcolor – and in fact, it screwed it up with the skipping and tugging.

On top of being sticky, removal is difficult. I wiped it away with a tissue but my lips were still tacky. I had to resort to micellar water. Really!?

The bluish shimmer is SUPPOSED to pick up the flash and make your smile look brighter. Spoilers: It doesn’t.

The Bottom Line

This is a positively ridiculous gimmick. The 2.5 stars on Sephora’s site speak volumes. Don’t waste your time unless you fancy the idea of throwing away $20. Wet n Wild Megaslicks gloss is higher quality at $2.

July 2015 Empties


I try like hell to be consistent, but sometimes life gets in the way. I needed to prepare graphics for this post, which I intended to publish yesterday but had a hell of a migraine yesterday and the day before. So thanks for being patient, and here are my July 2015 Empties.

July 2015 Empties

I’ve been wanting to do an empties post for a while, but for months I’d only have 1-2 empty items and who is writing a post about 1-2 empty things? The stars aligned this month and I actually finished up a good bit of stuff.

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Beauty Fails of 2014

Last week, I shared my favorites of 2014 – so why not do a fails of 2014, too?

Beauty Fails of 2014Beauty product fails of 2014

Benefit they’re Real! Push-Up Liner – I feel like I’ve talked about this product a lot. In reality, this product isn’t a total fail – the applicator truly is brilliant, but the gel liner inside makes me sad. No one wants wings that flake off. Here’s hoping Benefit improves their formula.

Elma & Sana Argan Oil – Admittedly, I wanted to believe I was just paying for a name with my Josie oils. I shelled out for a far less expensive variety and really got what I paid for. On top of that, the (English) label was written by someone who is not familiar with the language…and apparently there was no proofing or editing before being sent off to print. Unprofessional presentation, sub-par product. After the dropper-cap started acting up, I tossed it out of exasperation. I won’t even link to them or their product because it was so disappointing.

Glambot – Initially, I was impressed and thrilled. But when I found out that they don’t bother to check batches of received items to make sure they aren’t expired or nearly-expired, I was miffed. When I then brought that to the attention of their management, no effort was made to ensure my satisfaction as a customer. You can check them out if you’re dying to try something for less than retail but be warned: it may be expired.

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