Beauty Fails of 2014

Last week, I shared my favorites of 2014 – so why not do a fails of 2014, too?

Beauty Fails of 2014Beauty product fails of 2014

Benefit they’re Real! Push-Up Liner – I feel like I’ve talked about this product a lot. In reality, this product isn’t a total fail – the applicator truly is brilliant, but the gel liner inside makes me sad. No one wants wings that flake off. Here’s hoping Benefit improves their formula.

Elma & Sana Argan Oil – Admittedly, I wanted to believe I was just paying for a name with my Josie oils. I shelled out for a far less expensive variety and really got what I paid for. On top of that, the (English) label was written by someone who is not familiar with the language…and apparently there was no proofing or editing before being sent off to print. Unprofessional presentation, sub-par product. After the dropper-cap started acting up, I tossed it out of exasperation. I won’t even link to them or their product because it was so disappointing.

Glambot – Initially, I was impressed and thrilled. But when I found out that they don’t bother to check batches of received items to make sure they aren’t expired or nearly-expired, I was miffed. When I then brought that to the attention of their management, no effort was made to ensure my satisfaction as a customer. You can check them out if you’re dying to try something for less than retail but be warned: it may be expired.

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Revlon – Sure, we only heard about the stuff in early 2015, but you know it was going on during 2014. I have yet to find a replacement MLBB holy grail that is as creamy, forgiving, and easy to reapply but…that’s fine.

Mally Volumizing Mascara – So wet. Why. It stays wet on your lashes for an absurdly long time. Oh, hey, don’t want to wait five full minutes to blink? Mascara marks on your browbone. Oh, hey, mascara on your glasses. Lower lashline? Forget about it.

Milani Easy-Brow Pencil in Dark Brown – These pencils are SUPER soft and creamy…which means it is all-too-easy to accidentally apply way too much product to your brows even gently feathering it on. Not the best formula for a product like this.

Guerlain Maxi-Lash – Looks alright, isn’t hard too work with with but adding fragrance to a mascara with a heavy rose scent neither makes sense nor is wise, considering the product’s purpose. The wand picks up too much product so a lot goes to waste; for the price, it just didn’t win my favor.

Harmony Gelish in Go Girl – This is actually my favorite pink gel polish…for about the first day of wear. Oddly enough, it fades and changes into a completely different shade after a couple days of wear. Really weird. Despite users having reported this to them, Gelish does not seem to have resolved the issue with the color change. I could live with it if it were an RNP that would chip in a couple days, but it isn’t! (I didn’t write about this one!)

Pantene Blowout Extend Dry Shampoo – The can freezes, it is heavily scented, and the trigger breaks and won’t apply product after a use or three. Even though it reduced the appearance of oil in my hair that isn’t enough to redeem all the other problems.

LORAC Lip Lustre Gloss – Smells good, nice colors, but is sticky to boot. Would not purchase based on my experience with the sample I have. I actually haven’t written about this one, either.

NARS Sheer Matte Foundation – I still can’t get over how thick this foundation was. I can’t imagine using it for every day with how much work it took to blend it out and make it look good. All that topped off by not coming with a pump despite its $40+ price tag…fail.


What were your beauty product fails of 2014?