Why I Quit Buying Dry Shampoo

Somehow, I forgot to mention in this post that I quit buying dry shampoo. That doesn’t mean I wash my hair every day – which is both time consuming and often times too much for our hair and scalp.

Why I Quit Buying Dry Shampoo

I’ve used several dry shampoo products in the past that I’ve enjoyed. Unfortunately, my favorites were discontinued or changed to be a totally different product with the same name (such is my shitty superpower).

After trying a couple others that either met my low-or-no fragrance requirement but not my effectiveness requirement, or were effective in absorbing oil but choked me with fragrance (looking at you, special edition Grapefruit Mimosa Drybar Detox!), I was fed up.

Unfortunately, dry shampoo is one of those things that I can’t just push myself to use up if it is overly fragrant; it’ll make me sick smelling it all day.

What I Do Instead

I was reading the archives of a blog I follow and respect, Extra Petite when I came across this post. In it, Jean (editor) discusses her use of tapioca starch as dry shampoo, something she’s done since her teens.

…Tapioca Starch?!

This struck me as brilliant: sure, I’ve tried baby powder, but I don’t like the smell and don’t want all that talc. Tapioca (or even cornstarch) is pretty safe, inexpensive, and – well, it isn’t like Jean is a shill for Big Tapioca, you know?

So I tried it for myself – I picked up a bag of tapioca starch, which you can buy at a local Asian grocer or order online, and put it into a little pot. I apply it with an EcoTools brush like the fan-shaped one in this duo (which I’ve had for years), and it just works. It is ridiculously cheap and smells like nothing*. I’ve put it in a small, thin compact in case I’m out and need to deal (which hasn’t happened).

*Re: Smelling like nothing – this is great for my use case, but I understand that some dry shampoo users like or need it to address odors. This probably will not help you there. I don’t have that need, though.

Other Uses & Things I Like

I’ve also put some into a salt shaker to attempt; so far I’ve used it while I cut my husband’s hair to dust his neck off, and it’s worked really well for that.

I also love that I’m not spraying a bunch of product, fragrance, and propellant into the air. After all, you do end up breathing most aerosol products you spray, especially ones you’re spraying on your head – so I’m thankful for cleaner air not just for myself but my family. My husband might choose to avoid a room I’ve used a dry shampoo spray in, but my cats don’t know to do the same!

It’s also one less thing that I need to dispose of or recycle (if a given can is even recyclable).

The Bottom Line

I’m creating less waste, saving money, and being healthier because I quit buying dry shampoo and instead replaced it with tapioca starch.