What I DON’T Spend Money On – 2022

Like most people, my spending has evolved over time across many areas, and beauty is no exception. My wants, needs, and what I find fun have obviously evolved – and I don’t want to store a ton of stuff that may expire, too!

Here’s the latest on what I don’t spend money on:

  • Trying 7238578157283 products
    My money has better things to do, and it is no longer fun for me the way it used to be!
  • Hype Products
    I don’t spend money on hype products because I don’t know or care what’s on trend.
  • Haircuts (since the onset of the pandemic)
    My cut is simple and DIY-able. I didn’t need to pay $15-40 for it before the pandemic.
  • Highlights (since the onset of the pandemic)
    I can produce balayage I am satisfied with for my skill level, time, and cost of product. Someday I may get it refreshed by a pro when it feels safe to do so, but also may make a lasting decision that I don’t spend money on haircolor.
  • Nails
    Since more or less always; last nail salon visit was in 2018 was the only that year; I just don’t enjoy it! Hell, I haven’t done my nails much in 2022 – not because I don’t want to, but because we adopted a kitten on New Year’s Eve and she is active! I look forward to getting back to it on a regular basis; I feel way more put-together with them done.
  • Sheet Masks
    I’m not a huge mask person to begin with – but I don’t like how sheet masks they feel, and they are a source of single-use waste. Pass.
  • Multi-step Brow Stuff
    It’s wild to me that regular people will have 4-5 brow products that they will use together, in a single look. Brows aren’t that complicated.
  • Full-Sized Fragrance
    It takes me forever to go through a rollerball. I don’t need a $100+ full size!
  • Facials (and Spa Treatments in general, for that matter)
    I’ve tried it once, did not really like inhaling all the steam. It felt weird and claustrophobic, in a way.
  • Exclusively Prestige Skincare
    Some things can be worth spending on (i.e., acids). In my experience, your cleanser is not one of them.
  • Primer
    I acknowledge that this is worthwhile for some – just not for me. I don’t use it at all.
  • Eyeshadow…for the moment.
    I haven’t purchased eyeshadow in years despite REALLY ENJOYING IT. I am still working through my stash. Yes, still. Yes, most of my palettes are likely expired. But they are still performing fine and not giving my skin any trouble – so I’ll use them up or toss them if they cause me discomfort.
  • Lipstick
    I haven’t purchased lipstick, aside from Clinique Black Honey, in two years. Some that I own are on the cusp of expiring, so I will of course toss those out – but I’m in no rush to repurchase. I realistically want Creme in Your Coffee and a flattering red, and that’s … about all I, “need,” in my collection.
  • <Insert Specific Use Here> Oils
    Argan and Jojoba are workhorses. I don’t need pre-bottled cuticle oil, hair oil, body oil, etc.
  • Single-use Tools
    I’ve long discontinued wipes, cotton rounds, and other disposables like Clarisonic heads (easy since Clarisonic is defunct).
  • Professional Waxing
    I do my own brow waxes. It genuinely isn’t hard, and the cost of the products pays for itself in two waxes.
  • Detox Products
    The overwhelming majority of these are not science-based and are puffery.
  • Bullshit Prestige Gummy Vitamins
    Look, I understand the, “omg cute!” endorphins that hit when you see Sugarbear vitamins. They hit me too! But they are not art or decor; you eat them and they go away! Therefore – not worth it.
  • Body Wash
    I make my own soap bars (picked up a soap-making hobby in 2020 instead of sourdough), so I don’t spend money on soap and body wash! It’s fun and practical!
  • Gym or Fitness Memberships
    They’re expensive, hard to get out of, and not worth it if you can’t commit. I work out independently – a rhythm game for cardio, and bands/weight for resistance.

What do you choose not to spend money on?