What I DO Spend Money On – 2022

You know, I wrote about what I don’t spend money on here in 2022 last month with the intent of pairing it with this post – what I DO spend money on. But in reality, the conversation is really about prioritization.

It’s also worth noting that just because something is a priority doesn’t mean it calls for spending a ton of money on it, which you’ll see reflected below.

What I DO Spend Money On

  • Sleep
    I’m not really spending on getting sleep. I don’t take sleep-promising supplements, I don’t have some 14 step ✧nighttime ritual✧ before bed because I’m a real human being. Wild, right? Not everyone creating content like this is an influencer whose existence is justified by trying to sell you things (or…is it the other way around?).
  • Sunscreen
    I still import my face sunscreen, and I probably will until I can’t anymore. The two I use (favorite, runner up – used both for MANY YEARS now) are kinder to my skin. And when it’s priced similarly to ‘nicer’ Western drugstore options, why not? Furthermore, there have been too damn many sunscreen/benzene (a carcinogen) scandals lately for my tastes.
  • Toothpaste / Oral Hygiene
    I import my toothpaste, too, like a high maintenance jackass. But I’ve spent a lot of money getting my teeth healthy and more still on aesthetics. So yes, I want to protect that investment! I use an import from Japan: Apagard Premio, which is expensive for toothpaste. Why? Because fluoride doesn’t meet my needs. This toothpaste, which uses nanohydroxyapatite, does. I also use a Sonicare; I’ve had a FlexCare model (exact one no longer available, but has a lot of bells/whistles I NEVER USE – this is what I’d replace it with if I had to today) and it shows no signs of wearing out on me. Sonicare brush heads are not cheap; I buy packs from Costco when they’re on sale. It makes a difference for me.
  • Moisturizer
    The suggestion that I spend here is reaching. I spend between $25-30 on a big bottle of Argan Oil from Mountain Rose Herbs every 18 months. I decant from this bottle, which I keep in the fridge, into a smaller 1oz bottle. I then use this for my face, I use it for my hair. I use it in lotion bars. I use it for all sorts of things. Beyond this, I use an inexpensive Bakuchiol (retinol alternative) moisturizer from Inkey List ($10) which I buy twice a year. In the winter, I might add CeraVe Moisturizing Cream for body because I feel the effects of dry air these days. None of these are expensive, and they all last a long time.
  • Nail Supplies / Tools / Etc.
    Here’s the other side of how Nails are on the previous list. I enjoy, and have always enjoyed, having my nails be in good shape. I do not go to salons. I learned how to do gel manicures a decade ago and invested in the tools to make that feasible in the comfort of my own home. GOOD lamps aren’t cheap (but there are plenty of inexpensive, workable ones – I used a Sensationail USB LED lamp for a long time), nor are good, full-size polishes. But $15-20 for a bottle of gel polish doesn’t seem like so much when OPI and Essie are like $11 (or more) for classic drying formulas – especially when you consider that a gel manicure lasts 7-10 days on average (not even saying maximum). Happy to spend more for the longevity – because that means I spend less time redoing it.

The Bottom Line

If something isn’t a priority, I’m damn sure not spending money on it. But the things you like don’t need to be huge expenditures, either, necessarily. Evaluate your priorities – is your spending and behavior aligned with them?