Z Palette Scandal

I own a Z Palette that I won in a contest a few years ago. Since then, I’ve made a few posts mentioning it, and some of their other products. No more. The recent Z Palette scandal resulting from their disgraceful PR-nightmare is too much for many former customers, myself included.  Z-Palettes will not be mentioned or featured on this blog henceforth.

I can empathize with the frustration that one would experience on the receiving end of criticism for a new product launch. After receiving some skeptical and critical responses on an Instagram post – not even on their OWN Instagram, mind you, but on TrendMood’s, ZPalette lashed out. The results were jaw-dropping.

The Unbelievable Z Palette Scandal

This is a screenshot of just SOME of the responses they sent to Instagram users on TrendMood’s post about their new Z Potter (overpriced induction) device. Instagram users had expressed a ton of thoughts ranging from excitement to uncertainty and skepticism to criticism. The job of a social media manager, however, is not to strike back with acidic replies:

Z Palette Scandal

These are fairly tame. The list of things they felt it appropriate to respond with included calling young ladies cheap dates, insulting people’s financials, or suggesting that they are somehow less evolved. Here’s some examples of the classy replies from the brilliant soul manning the Z Palette Social Media desk:

  • You look like a cheap date, but we’re not messing with you?”
  • “Listen to some Jim Rohn — it’s not that it’s expensive, it’s that you can’t afford it.”
  • “If that’s a stove to you, I wonder how big your kitchen is.”
    but wait, there’s more:

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2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under 25

Those of you in the United States, I hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving. I’m still working on my tryptophan coma. No, I did not go shopping yesterday (I vehemently disagree with shopping on Thanksgiving). No, I did not line up or go shopping today (as someone who, in a past life, worked Black Friday at a big-box store… never).

ANYWAY. The $25 and under price point is where value really starts to kick in. Admittedly, I was wanting to add most of these to my own cart (especially the candles & Black Honey set!) – but I’m on a bit of a no-buy for myself for the time being.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $25

LORAC Pocket PRO and Pocket PRO2, $18 ea

I’ve hosted giveaways for each of these, because, frankly, they’re a great sampling from their big sister palettes, LORAC PRO and LORAC PRO 2 (which I also reviewed & gave away). They’re a great value, and a nice way to expose someone to prestige-quality products without busting your own budget. Quite stuffable, as far as stockings are concerned, too.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under 25

Primal Elements Santa’s Cookies, $20

This one is the scent of warm cookies (side note, who’s ready to put those holiday baking skills to the test?!) and it is divine. Really, practically anything from Primal Elements. I found Primal Elements years and years ago – Ulta.com actually carried some of their smaller candles on their site back then. I picked up a small pair of their Tahitian Vanilla candles – the’re so unique, a blend of wax and that weird, fun-colored jelly-goo… and they smell amazing. Most of the candles in my house are Yankee due to the sheer accessibility and price-point, but I’d say Primal Elements candles are my true candle love.

More of my 2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under 25 after the jump…

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Double-Sided Z-Palette

I got my first Z-Palette last year as a gift from a friend made from a community we both belong to. The hype is real, and worth it. As someone who has little space to store my makeup, the fewer bulky, individually packaged items the better. I haven’t filled my large, hot-pink Z-palette yet (and probably won’t for a while), but I love it.

If you aren’t familiar with the brand/product, let me bring you up to speed. A makeup artist wanted a solution to simplify her work and what she needed to bring with her. She created an empty, magnetized palette that you can fill with whatever depotted makeup (or pan refills) your heart desires; mix and match to your heart’s content. It sounds so simple and straightforward, but most, “build your own,” palettes limited you to a specific pan size/shape (sometimes limiting you to their brand).

Four main things I love:

  • It has a clear window so I can see what I put inside.
    My genius (cough) is unfortunately punctuated with bouts of airheadedness, so this is a big help.
  • It isn’t limited to one pan size or shape – it is completely free-form.
    This is a nice contrast to other companies’, “Build Your Own,” palette options. I have two MAC shadows, a MAC blush, a Sephora shadow, a wee Stila shadow amongst other things in mine – all different pan sizes.
  • They come with magnets to secure depotted items that may come in non-magnetic pans.
  • They aren’t bulky. They are travel friendly…in all sizes.

So last Monday when I got an email from them announcing their Double-Sided Z-Palette I was pretty delighted. Although this isn’t something I’m ready to buy because my collection doesn’t call for it, it is a really awesome new offering.

double-sided z-paletteThe new Double-Sided Z-Palette

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