2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under 25

Those of you in the United States, I hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving. I’m still working on my tryptophan coma. No, I did not go shopping yesterday (I vehemently disagree with shopping on Thanksgiving). No, I did not line up or go shopping today (as someone who, in a past life, worked Black Friday at a big-box store… never).

ANYWAY. The $25 and under price point is where value really starts to kick in. Admittedly, I was wanting to add most of these to my own cart (especially the candles & Black Honey set!) – but I’m on a bit of a no-buy for myself for the time being.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $25

LORAC Pocket PRO and Pocket PRO2, $18 ea

I’ve hosted giveaways for each of these, because, frankly, they’re a great sampling from their big sister palettes, LORAC PRO and LORAC PRO 2 (which I also reviewed & gave away). They’re a great value, and a nice way to expose someone to prestige-quality products without busting your own budget. Quite stuffable, as far as stockings are concerned, too.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under 25

Primal Elements Santa’s Cookies, $20

This one is the scent of warm cookies (side note, who’s ready to put those holiday baking skills to the test?!) and it is divine. Really, practically anything from Primal Elements. I found Primal Elements years and years ago – Ulta.com actually carried some of their smaller candles on their site back then. I picked up a small pair of their Tahitian Vanilla candles – the’re so unique, a blend of wax and that weird, fun-colored jelly-goo… and they smell amazing. Most of the candles in my house are Yankee due to the sheer accessibility and price-point, but I’d say Primal Elements candles are my true candle love.

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2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $25

Tarte Shine Bright Statement Lash Essentials, $20

If you want to pair practicality with shiny for your giftee, here’s a great option. So many people wear mascara. So many people either a) aren’t using a curler or b) are using an old curler (who knows how much abuse the pad has taken?) This set from Tarte features a blinged-out lash curler (no idea on whether it is ergonomic with those studs, though) and a mini of the Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $25

beautyblender & blendercleanser solid set, $25

I’m already a fan of gifting tools, so this was a no-brainer. Easily my favorite beauty tool, even over the more cost-effective dupes (many work, but the texture and density are frequently not quite the same), gifting a beautyblender is a win. This one comes with a miniature blendercleanser solid (which is lovely for brushes AND sponges) to help keep the sponge in shape. The holographic trim on the cylinder it comes in is cute, too – no need to wrap, just throw a miniature bow on top and you win.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $25

Clinique Black Honey set, $25

Black Honey is Clinique’s Almost Lipstick cult classic. It’s one of those colors literally anyone can wear, and wear well. This includes the classic Almost Lipstick, A Different Nail Enamel, Quickliner for Eyes Intense, and the Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss all in that same shade. Considering the Almost Lipstick is like $17 on its own, this is a steal.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $25

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner, 8oz, $24

Show me someone who loves spending time cleaning their brushes and I’ll show you a liar. I’ve gushed about this majestic cleanser before, but seriously, this brush cleaning solvent is liquid gold; switching colors is a breeze, and general weekly maintenance is SO FAST with this. Five minutes for all your brushes instead of (minimum) a half hour (if you have a substantial collection of brushes) PLUS dry time. Another practical pick for the beauty lover in your life. Or, you know, you. Treat yoself.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $25



Z Palette, Large, $18

Help your giftee whip their burgeoning collection into shape with a Z-Palette. They can depot their makeup from singles or palettes, throw it into this magnetic baby, and save space. On top of the space savings, it lets you organize your makeup in a way that makes sense to you – or in this case, your giftee. They come in a ton of colors, you’re sure to find one your recipient will love!

2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $25

Sarah Happ Lip Scrub, $24

Lip scrub is another one of those items that someone might want, but might not really fall on a list of things they’d buy for themselves. Treat them to this luxurious lips scrub! It comes in many flavors – vanilla, bluebery, grapefruit, peony, brown sugar, clementine…but let’s face it, peach is awesome and it is way underrated.

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  1. I actually bought that Tarte curler/mascara to bump up a Sephora order to qualify for free shipping, and I really like both the mascara and the curler (which is perfectly comfortable to hold)

    • I haven’t tried the mascara! But I’m pleased to hear the curler is comfortable to hold. I think I saw Sam from Batalash post it on Instagram or something a while ago – it’s so cute

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