2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under 15

I’ve thrown out some things here-and-there that could make decent gifts, but I haven’t set out to make a whole guide. But because I’m a skeptic, I have to look past the enticing glittery packaging.

Maybe you’re looking for gifts for your friends or family. Maybe it’s a gift exchange with a coworker you don’t know so well. If you need to stuff a stocking, too, there’s a lot of good ideas in the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide – Under $15.

Also, before we get into the list – if you’re in the United States, don’t go shopping tomorrow. It’s a dick move. Tomorrow is a day for a lot of things, and shopping isn’t one of them. Happy Thanksgiving!


The Wet Brush, $9

I’ve sung the praises of this brush, and even gave one away. If your recipient that has hair that requires brushing, this is a win.

Turbie Twist Stock Photo

Turbie Twist, $12.50, pack of 2

Keeping to the theme of haircare, this is something I think many people (at this point) might not buy for themselves (because of the understandable As Seen on TV stigma). That said, it is an inexpensive, practical beauty tool that I’m really satisfied with. If you wanted to make this part of a larger gift solution, maybe pair it with a leave-in treatment and a facial masque.

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China Glaze Mini Mixers, $15 set

As far as classic polish goes, China Glaze is hands-down (ha) my favorite brand. Yes, more than OPI and Essie; the combination of price point and quality (not to mention color selection) is just right. This set of six jewel-toned minis would make a great gift, or would be a good way to try some new shades without committing to full-sized bottles.


OPI Avojuice Planet Smooth Lotion Set, $10

With winter descending upon the Northern Hemisphere sooner rather than later, dry skin will be ravaging those of us who don’t usually struggle with it. Hell, my cuticles are already protesting. This mini lotion set is great for this; stash one in your desk at work, one in your purse, one in the car (or not, depending on how volatile the weather is), one at your bedside, and so forth and enjoy moisturized skin and nails all winter.


Urban Decay Revolution Lip Gloss duo, $14

If there’s a brand you can gift reliably, it’s Urban Decay. This lip gloss duo is a great gift for any-woman (who wears lipcolor, that is). These can be worn alone or with lipstick.


Clinique Take it All Off set, $14

There’s no universally non-irritating product on the market, but Clinique has the right approach to formulating makeup and skincare. This duo pairs a small mascara (which is great, really); as an individual I have never finished a full-sized tube before it turns) and their Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm. This is a universally good pick because you don’t really need to worry about getting something flattering for the skin tone of the recipient or something, color-wise, that they like.


First Aid Beauty Cleanse and Exfoliate Kit, $10

I’m a fan of skincare gifts much for the reasons I mentioned in the Take It All Off set, above – you don’t need to worry about picking the wrong color, and everyone needs cleanser. This is great for someone who travels a lot, someone who is actually committed to the gym (toss these minis in your gym bag and call it a day), or someone who likes trying new things. First Aid Beauty makes gentle products that seem to fare pretty well for most users I’ve talked to.