Worth it: As Seen on TV Turbie Twist

This legacy post has been given a facelift! I’m still amazed it took me as long as it did to find this product. Opinions are the same but content has been updated for clarity and readability. Enjoy!

When I was younger, I scoffed at the idea of the semi-old-fashioned excuse of, “Oh I’m sorry, I can’t… I have to wash my hair!”

Washing your hair is easy, come on!

Drying it, however, sucks.

Styling it (if you’re me) definitely sucks.

Ever Lazy

In my natural habitat, I’m absolutely a wash-and-wear sort. I do not enjoy blow-drying it (2018 Update: I have actually come to appreciate it for its practicality). I do, when I need to, but I much prefer to towel or air dry. Wrapping your hair in a full-length body towel also sucks, though. Too much towel! Doesn’t stay in place, you have to redo it a few times. It’s obnoxious.

The Original Turbie Twist

Turbie Twist Stock Photo

Years ago, I had seen the Turbie Twist but dismissed it as a gimmick. Last month, though, I came across one in Wal-Mart or Target (can’t remember) and they were only like $6 – so I grabbed one.

I never thought I’d buy, enjoy, or write about an As Seen On TV product… but here I am.

Turbie Twist

The Turbie Twist is a microfiber terry towel that is sewn like so – tapered so it fits around your head and isn’t too much fabric for the length of your hair.

How to Use

To use it, you flip your wet hair (brush it with a Wet Brush first!) upside down and put the larger side at the nape of your neck with the tapered end facing the floor. Tuck your hair into the inside of the towel, then twist the towel to secure. While holding your twisted towel, pull it back towards your neck and slip the end through the elastic.

Now, the Turbie Twist is not intended to fully dry your hair. If you leave your hair in the wrap for too long, I learned the hard way that you end up with a bunch of unwanted frizz. This will get it to the point where it is just damp and can be finished with minimal heat or air drying? It’s perfect. I’ll wrap my hair up, get dressed, do skincare stuff (and makeup if I made the misguided decision to take a morning shower), then unwrap and quickly blowdry – 5 minutes, tops – or air dry, about 20 minutes.

The Bottom Line

Granted, you’ll look positively foolish with it on, but you’ll be free to do other things post-shower before finishing your hair. For $5, the convenience is well worth it. If you prefer to skip the store (I don’t blame you), you can pick up a four-pack on Amazon for $21.

2 thoughts on “Worth it: As Seen on TV Turbie Twist”

  1. My hair was too long to really be contained in a Turbie Twist. But I once bought a thin microfiber camping towel- the kind that is super flat- and that’s been great at getting my hair up, without a super heavy turban to flop off my head. And it actually soaks up a lot of liquid, so my dry time is so much less!
    Of course, vs the Turbie Twist, the large camping towel was close to $50 when I bought it.

    • My hair is reaches roughly the bottom of the band of my bra, so it isn’t crazy long, but I imagine if I let it approach waist-length again I will have to get creative with it.

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