June 2017 Favorites

June 2017 Favorites

June 2017 Favorites
1. Drunk Elephant C-Firma, $80 / 2. Lotion Saver Bottle Couplers, $4
3. Takeya Cold Brew Pitcher, $20 / 4. Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion, $19 / 5. Sonicare FlexCare Whitening Edition, varies

Year is half over. I just celebrated a birthday. ‘Murica just celebrated its own. I will have my first set of Invisalign trays before the end of the month. Hallelujah.

Btw, is anyone else like, “Get off my lawn and stay out of my damn hydrangeas,” when it comes to fireworks? No one was physically on my lawn, and I don’t have hydrangeas – but I am exhausted today because don’t you know it is ‘Murica’s birthday until (at least) 2AM on July 5? Sigh.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma

In spite of the pang of, “Did I really spend more than $50 on a single skincare product?” this serum is just so. dang. excellent. Tools, like a Clarisonic, generally cost more – but I can live with that because they aren’t consumable, their cost-per-use dwindles with its lifespan. Consumables, like this serum, have a finite number of uses before it runs out. As skincare products go, it is the single product I’ve purchased that delivers the advertised results in a timely fashion – no 3 bottles in to tell its working here! Using it, my skin tone is even (so welcome in light of my skin shenanigans), firm, and radiant. You can see a difference the day you use it. That isn’t common for skincare products! Awesomely, my parents gave me a Sephora gift card for my recent birthday (thanks Mom and Dad!) I plan to hoard it until it is time to replenish because I love this damn stuff.

Hey, at least I’m not shelling out for Sunday Riley Good GenesShudder.

Lotion Saver Bottle Couplers

Since I bought these earlier this month I’ve been tearing through my house like a madwoman combining products so I can recycle their containers and get them out of my life. My bathroom alone is enjoying a 25% reduction in bottles of product.

Takeya Cold Brew Pitcher

For many, summer is Iced Coffee season. (For me, that’s year round because I’m a monster.) At home, I used to use a French Press to make cold brew – while effective, it was messy and rather fussy about grind size. This pitcher, however, is way more user (and cleaning) friendly. The seal has a rubber gasket so you can agitate (read: violently shake) the pitcher while steeping the coffee periodically without destroying your kitchen, outfit, cats, etc. I like to steep for around 18 hours; the result is smooth, low-acid (acid reflux suffering coffee drinkers switch to cold brew – you can still drink it hot!), strong coffee that you may adulterate as you wish.

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion

This not-a-lotion-at-all has saved me from three cystic blemishes now. I had no idea zinc oxide was so effective on the dang things! A tiny amount goes a long way, otherwise I’d be looking for recurring shipments. Wonderful to have on hand just-in-case. Even better, Mario Badescu qualifies for the 20% off Platinum Perk discounts that happen throughout the year.

Sonicare FlexCare Whitening Edition

Although I recommend the Foreo Issa Mini for those with sensitive teeth and gums based on my husband’s positive experience, I use a Sonicare FlexCare Whitening (in the past, I’ve used an Oral-B 1000 and 3000 with good results, too!). I don’t have a terribly sensitive mouth, but I do experience bleeding occasionally when I brush with a manual toothbrush. Since starting to use the Sonicare earlier this year, I have not experienced bleeding gums once while using. It gets my teeth the cleanest they’ve felt outside a dentist’s office. It is going to be instrumental in helping my maintain my dental health while undergoing orthodontic treatment. I use the DiamondClean heads, which I also buy at Costco (but are available elsewhere).

Two of these can be found at Costco for a steal price of $119 – so that’s two handles, two chargers, two travel cases. I have a backup!

The Bottom Line

What I wish was on my favorites? A POOL. What were your June 2017 Favorites?

Signed, dying to go swimming.

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  1. After deciding on going the natural skincare route, I’ve been shopping the lines of skincare products that Wholefoods carries for a few years and found that the Andalou brand is my favorite line for the quality and value. I’m especially impressed by the Enlighten serum with vitamin C and turmeric. Their 1000 Roses sensitive skin line smells like gorgeous roses and makes a great moisturizer.

    • That’s good to know!

      If only I could bring myself to enjoy rose-scented skincare. For some reason I just can’t handle florals in my skincare!

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