Saving Money On Beauty Products – I Forgot!

Week before last, I shared the ways I like to save on beauty. I forgot a key way! Using ever last possible bit of product is a fantastic way to get more mileage out of your products and avoid repurchasing as soon.

Get the Last Drop

A set of Lotion Saver bottle couplers cost me $3.99 at The Container Store, or a dollar more on Amazon. Especially since my shampoo of choice is prestige, I prefer to get every last bit. This set has three options – large to large, small to small, and small to large to decant any (reasonable) bottle into another. These are great for moving product from a large container to a travel-sized one, or for combining the end of a container into a new one.

These are great for soaps, lotions, shampoos, and plenty of other viscous products that are a pain to move to other containers. They’re great for dish soap too!

Get the Scoop

Likewise, beauty spatulas are a great way to scoop the last of a product. Today, I don’t do this simply because I don’t run into much use for it, myself. If I used more products that I ran into issues with, I’d go for it, though!

The Bottom Line

Have you ever sliced open a seemingly-spent tube of primer or sunscreen? There tends to be a disappointing amount left!

2 thoughts on “Saving Money On Beauty Products – I Forgot!”

  1. Hey thanks for this recommendation. I will have to pick some of these up.

    I notoriously cut in to tubes to get the last product out. I saw a hack years ago of where to cut the tube so you can put the top of the tube back on over the bottom part of the tube. If that makes sense.

    I will also destroy packaging to get the last out. Olay total effects moisturizer, which I used a long time ago, could be broken into and also my Murad acne and wrinkle reducer had an awesome pump but I pried the top off and got a q tip in the super tiny hole to get more product out. I’m the person who will put a little water in my laundry detergent bottle and shake it up to get the last of it out.

    I am actually kind of looking forward to breaking into my Good Genes bottle when it’s “empty”.

    • No shame in any of this! I use your laundry bottle trick with tons of stuff – even spaghetti sauce. I’m lucky enough to enjoy some frivolity and convenience, but that doesn’t mean I’m up for being wasteful.

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