Saving Money On Beauty Products – I Forgot!

Week before last, I shared the ways I like to save on beauty. I forgot a key way! Using ever last possible bit of product is a fantastic way to get more mileage out of your products and avoid repurchasing as soon.

Get the Last Drop

A set of Lotion Saver bottle couplers cost me $3.99 at The Container Store, or a dollar more on Amazon. Especially since my shampoo of choice is prestige, I prefer to get every last bit. This set has three options – large to large, small to small, and small to large to decant any (reasonable) bottle into another. These are great for moving product from a large container to a travel-sized one, or for combining the end of a container into a new one.

These are great for soaps, lotions, shampoos, and plenty of other viscous products that are a pain to move to other containers. They’re great for dish soap too!

Get the Scoop

Likewise, beauty spatulas are a great way to scoop the last of a product. Today, I don’t do this simply because I don’t run into much use for it, myself. If I used more products that I ran into issues with, I’d go for it, though!

The Bottom Line

Have you ever sliced open a seemingly-spent tube of primer or sunscreen? There tends to be a disappointing amount left!

How I Save on Beauty Products

Reigning in my Beauty Spending

I’m acknowledging that I’m fortunate to be in a place where I can spend money on what many would deem a completely frivolous hobby.

Actually Use the Damn Samples

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a drawer or bin full of sample products that went neglected for ages! So many retailers do free samples with purchase, not to mention Gift With Purchase (GWP) promotions. I’d toss them in a centralized location with the intention of using them when the occasion arose (traveling, feeling adventurous, etc) – but even the products I already knew I liked went unused. Stupid! I had accumulated 10 sample tubes of mascara at one point, then found myself replenishing my (favorite) drugstore one. Why?! I had at least six months (realistically more) of product there, even assuming I disliked half of them!

Granted, not all samples are going to be appropriate for you. Foil packs of foundation, for instance – I have what feels like a thousand and none are right for me. But the ones you will use? Use them!

  • Pre-pack a travel beauty bag. One less thing to check off the travel to-do list.
  • If you have a desk or locker at work, stash some samples there. Future you (or a teammate!) will thank you.

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