Worth it? Foreo Issa Mini

issamini_pkgForeo Issa Mini

Last year after this post, I purchased a Foreo Issa Mini. I did not purchase the curious toothbrush for myself, but for my husband who happens to have unreasonably sensitive gums. Although his dentist tells him his gums are healthy, they bleed every time he brushes (even using the softest-bristled toothbrush).

Can you imagine? That’s REALLY unpleasant!

The Purchase

After I read that some people with sensitive mouths were having good luck with the Issa, I decided to go for it when Sephora had their Spring BI sale. This purchase is what made me VIB, so at the time I only managed to snag 10% off plus whatever eBates was offering at the time.

I ordered the Issa Mini ($119) because functionally, there’s no difference between it and the full-size. The main differences are length of the handle and size of the silicone ‘brush’ head…we checked them out together and decided the Mini would be fine. If anything, a slightly smaller brush head is easier to use; it offers greater maneuverability around your teeth, particularly in the back of your mouth. (If you’ve ever used an Oral-B or Sonicare electric with the petite heads, you know this!)

I interviewed my husband who has used it for coming up on a year to capture his opinions on the device and whether he thinks the Foreo Issa Mini was worth it.

His Thoughts

Q: What were your first impressions after your first use of the Foreo Issa?

A: I feel like it met my expectations. I wish the quadrant timers could be disabled, but that’s a minor qualm. Overall, I was happy with how it performed in terms of gentleness and cleanliness.

Q: Is the brush head difficult to keep clean?

A: Not at all. You do need to rinse thoroughly like you would a regular brush head; but it’s actually easier with the Issa (vs. a regular brush) given the flexibility of the head.

Q: Have you noticed and signs of wear on the brush head? It’s time to replace, soon.

A: The condition of the brush head does not appear to have changed at all. It still looks and feels the same as it did new.

Q: How would you describe the level of clean you get with the Issa?

A: Better than a battery-powered manual. (Such as an Oral-B Pulsar; he did not previously use a full-blown electric, so he does not have a basis for comparison).

Q: How about your gums – were we correct in hypothesizing that they are happier?

A: Absolutely. There are some spots that still get a little tender, but I’m not rinsing blood out of my mouth with every brush. My gums don’t swell from the irritation. This is the first brush that’s been able to deliver that for me.

Q: Let’s talk about the ergonomics of this guy – is it easy to hold and use? What about the controls, are they easy to operate? This is a little model; it may be better-suited for my hands than yours.

A: It is not too small to hold properly or comfortably (to give you an idea of the size of his hands, he wears a ring size 12. I wear a 5). The positioning of the power controls are fine, no complaints here.

Q: Would you be interested in upgrading to the full-sized model, or are you happy with the Mini?

A: I’m happy with the Mini, but I wouldn’t be opposed to the full sized one – it would make brushing my tongue go faster. I’m not sure if it is worth the extra $80, though.

Q: If the Foreo Issa Mini reaches the end of its life (i.e., motor dies, won’t hold a charge, etc), would you want to replace it?

A: Sure, I’d buy a new Issa when it eventually dies. Fortunately, there are no signs of that happening any time soon – it still only needs to be charged twice a year, as Foreo indicated.

Q: Would you recommend the Foreo Issa or Foreo Issa Mini to someone who doesn’t have oral concerns like yours?

A: There’s no downside I can think of for a person without gum hypersensitivity. It wouldn’t be a poor choice for anyone. It may not be an ideal option for those looking for brushes to boost whitening. Otherwise, when you consider the hygiene aspect of the brush and the fact that brush heads are more economical? Yes – if you’re in the market, you should consider it.

Q: Overall, do you think the investment was worthwhile?

A: Yes, I think the Foreo Issa Mini was worth it particularly for my needs. It’s the first brush I’ve used that hasn’t been unpleasant when I’ve used it – so that alone is huge for me. I think the ROI makes sense – brush heads are economical, battery life is phenomenal, and my mouth doesn’t hate me.

Knowing him, that’s a pretty great review. Would you consider an alternative toothbrush like the Foreo Issa?