First Look: Foreo Issa Mini

So, this happened…

Foreo Issa Mini - Packaging

We bought it.

I went for it during Sephora Love Note (their Spring sale) promotion, and that’s what earned me VIB (for the first time ever!).

Given that the regular Foreo Issa is usually $199, we opted for the Issa Mini (regularly $119) to save $70+ after the discount. The Issa Mini is set apart by the Issa in a few ways. It has:

  • A shorter handle
  • A smaller head (though they are interchangeable!)
  • Different Colors
  • Is geared towards kids

Speaking of kids, here’s how they make it fun: the brush rewards the user with a happy face when they have brushed adequately, and expressing disappointment with a sad face if too much time since brushing has elapsed. Despite having a smaller brush head, it isn’t too small for an adult to effectively use.

Both charge once every six months with an included USB charger that plugs discreetly into a port on the back. No clunky docks or taking up precious few outlets in your bathroom.

Foreo Issa Mini - ChargerForeo Issa Mini – USB Charger

Combined with the Issa Mini’s curious design, it makes for a lot of laughs in our house.

My husband hasn’t completely swapped out to use the Issa Mini exclusively, yet, but I’ll share his review when once he has done so and used it for a while. He has shared that it feels VERY strange at first and will take getting used to; it is an entirely different experience than a brush (manual or electric) with traditional bristles.

Have you tried any atypical toothbrushes, or specifically the Issa?