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Following up Friday’s first look at the Issa is another Foreo post! The makers of the Issa toothbrush and Luna face contraption) emailed me two months ago(ish) about their newest device concept – the Moda. To jam it into a single sentence? The Foreo Moda is 3D printing meets airbrush makeup application in a single, consumer-use device.

Foreo Moda

That’s right. I squealed with delight when I read it because it is really freaking cool. If you’ve been around a while, you know I love the intersection at which beauty and technology meet. ColorIQ is such an amazing idea (even if it does have room for improvement), and it is so cool to see the worlds intermixing.

The Foreo Moda can apply a full face in three stages (primer, foundation, color) in approximately thirty seconds. THIRTY. Mind – blown.

On top of already being an awesome concept, it connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. From there, with the companion app, you choose the look you want (apparently even from social media – want to replicate some crazy Red Carpet ish? Something you saw a guru do on Instagram? Psh, Moda’s got that), and set your face in the device. The Foreo Moda then scans the topography of your face to adapt the look to you (which it then applies crazy fast).

If, as a consumer, you like wearing makeup but don’t necessarily like applying it – maybe you don’t like or want to develop your skills. Maybe you lack the time. Or maybe you like to but just want more hours in a day. Maybe you’re like me and prefer sleeping in to getting up and painting your face. Personally, I really enjoy the process of applying my makeup (kind of zen-like for me!) but I would still love to check one of these out – it would be great for rushed mornings, last-minute plans, or any other time I just didn’t have the luxury of time.

Plus, imagine not having to make sure your foundation matches. Or having to make sure your winged liner is even. Or that your red lipstick isn’t doing whatever the hell it wants. Or having to clean your brushes (as much, at least). Right?!

Impatient boyfriends and husbands – imagine she takes a matter of minutes (including look selection) on makeup. This benefits you, too – you can stop asking, “how much longer?” :P

On top of how it benefits consumers, the Foreo Moda could be an amazing value-add for professionals:

Imagine being a hair or nail salon – you don’t have someone who does makeup, but when Prom season hits, many young ladies want to get done up and then have to juggle appointments. Invest in one of these, sell it as an add-on for special event services…bam. Since application itself only takes 30 seconds, turn-time on that service would be super fast.

If you’re a makeup artist, let’s say you travel to do on-site bridal makeup. The bride wants the luxury, pampering, and expertise that only a person can provide, but maybe the bridesmaids and moms aren’t as worried about it. This lets you focus on the bride without having to bring assistants for the rest of the group. It cuts down the service time and means you can probable accommodate multiple parties in a day.

I can’t wait to see a Foreo Moda in action. Pricing info has not yet been released and it is still invite-only (I have obviously not made the cut)…but dang is the technology exciting. I anticipate that it will not be an inexpensive piece of technology considering how badass it is (and judging by the pricing of Foreo’s other products), but given the possibilities? It might be worth quite a lot. You can read more about the Foreo Moda on their site.

How about you – would you use a Foreo Moda? How much would you be willing to spend on it? How much do you think Foreo will be charging once it hits market?

2 thoughts on “Foreo Moda”

  1. Does this really work? I mean, people of different ethnicities have vastly different facial features. What if like, they misjudge my eye shape or my lip width?? And how long does the make up last?? Is the make up in refillable cartridges in the machine like a printer??? Omg, so many questions.

    But it is kinda cool. :p

    • I really don’t know. I’m skeptical of it being perfect (of course), but am still really excited for what this means. I really wish I could try it, but it is probably prohibitively (for me) expensive (and it is still invite-only).

      I guess if it misjudges it means you end up with eyeliner on your temple :P I think, though, if it has to scan your face, it shouldn’t misjudge. The main thing that I would be concerned about, I think, would be those with hooded lids!

      As far as the makeup itself, I doubt the cartridges would be refillable for hygienic reasons – and with many normal printers, refilling the cartridges can sometimes cause them to malfunction…so if unless FOREO released a refill kit I’d probably steer clear of any DIY.

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