One Month Micellar Water Challenge

Micellar WaterWhen I shared my skincare arsenal overhaul earlier this year, I mentioned that I was considering ditching makeup wipes. I was consistently using micellar water to remove my makeup, but at the end of a long day I was letting myself reach for the convenient option.

Well, I’m finally out of makeup wipes. I’m choosing to prioritize my skin over convenience for one month. Since last Friday (August 19) I have exclusively been using the Garnier Micellar Water I wrote about in April.

That convenient option I mentioned…

…Wasn’t necessarily the best for my skin. The Kirkland Signatures wipes I was using were effective, and generally non-irritating (unless I got too close to my eyes). I ended up using more moisturizer after using them than I do with micellar water. Considering my main moisturizer squeezes are both prestige products at this time, that’s annoying.

…Produces more waste. I do not believe the Kirkland wipes are biodegradable. It isn’t a requirement for me at this point in my life, but it seems silly to generate waste from something like that when I don’t need to.

…Isn’t always cost-effective. The wipes I was using were a great value, especially as compared to my favorite Simple wipes or Ponds wipes. They aren’t expensive, per se, but they are a luxury that I can do just fine without. Most days, I only needed one, but sometimes two if I made mistakes in application or wore a full-face.

The Micellar Water Challenge

I will not repurchase makeup wipes for four weeks from that date. I am going to assess how using micellar water to remove my makeup impacts my skin (and wallet). I will report back September 19 with my experience.

I invite you to join me in ditching the wipes for a month and challenging yourself to use micellar water instead. Track your skin, track your spending and figure out which route is better for you.


4 thoughts on “One Month Micellar Water Challenge”

    • The idea of this challenge is to use micellar water to remove makeup. I still wash my face with a separate cleanser, personally – but I don’t think there’s any harm in trying both!

  1. Frankly, I’m really surprised by the whole makeup wipes thing. In my country, makeup wipes are like something you use to fix mistakes, or if you have like a sleepover or something? Hardly anyone I know uses wipes at all. I wanted to keep wipes around but figured I’ll probably use them once a month so it wasn’t worth it to buy any.

    I definitely think that your skin will be better if you remove makeup properly with the micellar water!

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