Simple Micellar Wipes

Simple Micellar WipesSimple Micellar Wipes

I haven’t forsaken the Kirkland Makeup Wipes I’ve been buying from Costco, but I’ve seen some positive chatter about the new Simple Micellar Wipes ($6 for 25). Since I enjoyed the previous Simple Makeup Wipes I had, I decided to take advantage of a coupon, Target Cartwheel offer, and an iBotta rebate and try them for science.

I like them – and I like them better than the original ones I had tried from Simple!


My first go with Simple left me delighted to find a wipe with no added fragrance. Somehow, these have even less of a detectable scent to them.


Wipe texture is identical to the original Simple wipes I tried. They’re not the softest (or as soft as Ponds or the Kirkland wipes), but they’re decent, and…


The wipes themselves seem to have a greater moisture content than the previous ones I tried, which makes the texture nicer on delicate facial skin.


They’re good! Mascara or heavy makeup requires a little more effort, but they do work just fine.

The Bottom Line

These are definitely my favorite fragrance-free wipe. They’re gentle on skin but remove average day-to-day makeup decently (full glam makeup might need a second wipe). That said, if you’re looking at a value or bang-for-your-buck point of view, at $6 for 25 that works out to $0.24 per wipe. The Kirkland wipes I’ve been buying, though they do have added fragrance, can be obtained for $0.06-$0.08 per wipe; basically, 3-4 Kirkland wipes for the cost of one Simple Micellar Wipe.

If you want a simple, few-ingredient, fragrance-free, paraben-free product for sure, go with these Simple Micellar Wipes. For me, personally, I’m usually going to choose the better value despite the fragrance (which does not linger). I will still definitely purchase these when they are on sale/I have a coupon or rebate.