Kirkland Signature Makeup Wipes

Kirkland Signature makeup wipesKirkland Signature makeup wipes

A few months ago I shared that I bought a gigantic pack of Kirkland Signature makeup wipes. I’m a good way into the pack by now and feel like I’ve used them enough to speak to them.

First, the packaging. The thickness of the Kirkland Signature makeup wipes’ packaging isn’t quite as substantial as some other wipe brands, but that doesn’t bother me – it still retains moisture in the wipes. It is slightly more convenient to open and close the full sized packs (as compared to the Ponds and Simple wipes I used previously) because it has a hard plastic lid.

The overall size of the wipe is larger than the previous ones I used, and the material is both softer and thicker than my previous purchases. The wipes retain more moisture than the Simple wipes, and just a bit more than the Ponds ones I’ve been using.

As efficacy goes, the Kirkland Signature makeup wipes work. I’m happy with their performance, they’re definitely on par with the wipes I used before. They take off at least as much makeup per square inch, and they don’t irritate my skin. I really only have one complaint – and that’s the fragrance.

I’m definitely a fan of unscented face products, but perhaps that’s asking a lot. Not even the Ponds wipes I have been using were free of fragrance, but I liked them well enough. Although the fragrance of these wipes does not irritate my skin or cause any trouble for me, I don’t love it. It isn’t foul, but it is a bit strong – considering I’m using them in the late evening more often than not, I don’t really enjoy my nose being flooded with their scent. It does dissipate, and it isn’t bothersome enough to get me not to repurchase them.

The Bottom Line

I’m glad I purchased these, even in spite of the strong fragrance. I will repurchase (but not to the exclusion of other products) the Kirkland Signature makeup wipes from Costco and do recommend. At just shy of $0.08 per wipe, the price is nice.