TPDTY: You Need a Cuticle Stone

Cuticle StoneCuticle Stone, $1.79

There are a zillion-and-one guides and tutorials out there on how to give yourself a DIY manicure. Beyond the plethora of guides, there are probably thousands of different execution methods you could employ to achieve the same results. Damn few, however, mention taming crazy cuticles and eponychium with a cuticle stone.

It’s always, “gently push them back with an orangewood stick.” That isn’t wrong – it’s a good and gentle method that prevents you from removing living tissue. Those dang cuticle nippers that professional manicurists whip around like a magic wand are SHARP – and I don’t know about you, but they’re a challenge to use. It does not, however, help you remove any dead tissue that adheres to the nail plate like a cuticle stone can.

If you do your nails even semi-regularly, for under $2, can you really afford not to try one?


To use your cuticle stone, dip the tip of the stone in water and bring it in contact with the cuticle area of your nail and move it in small circular motions. You do not need to use much pressure; the weight of the cuticle stone is more than sufficient! As you work it over the surface, any excess, overgrown tissue is gentle removed almost as though it is being erased. If you aren’t pressing hard or using a corner of the stone, your living tissue goes unharmed.

Then, wash your hands and use a scrub brush – voila, you’re ready for polish application. For those of you who are very safety conscious, this is a great way to groom your nails. No caustic chemicals, no sharp nippers.

I bought my cuticle stone for a $1.79 at Sally Beauty Supply (I have the $5/yr consumer membership). You can also get them online at Amazon.

What About You?

Have you tried a cuticle stone before? Will you give one a shot after learning about them?

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