Lush Sexy Peel

Sexy Peel

Lush Sexy Peel Soap, $6.95

It’s been a minute. Life caught up and it had to be the priority. Frankly, it still does, but for the first time in a while I had some inspiration so I wanted to capture it.

TL;DR: I switched soaps to Lush Sexy Peel soap and have been using it for about a year. As I age, my skin seems to be inching closer and closer to pickiness. For some reason, my skin started to be less of a fan of Dove bar soap. This was a disappointment, because it is inexpensive, accessible, clean and neutral smelling. It worked for me for ages! I started down the Lush rabbit hole a few years ago, dipping my toe into bath bomb land but have come to appreciate a few other products of theirs since. It is, in a word, wonderful.

At the end of June 2019, I headed to Lush to treat myself for my then-upcoming birthday. My haul consisted of a few things, most notably Lush Sexy Peel soap. I plucked this unassuming-looking orange-scented one from the shelf and whisked it to the register with me. The friendly Lush employee wrapped it in a piece of thick paper (recyclable, yay), packed it with my other purchases, and sent me on my way.


At the time, it was a frivolous, novel purchase – like basically everything I bought there – and I didn’t have high expectations for the soap. I assumed that as a largely natural product it would not last very long and that. I also assumed that, although it smelled nice, it wouldn’t do much for my skin.

Bzzt, wrong.

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Panic Over Chemicals and Putting Natural on a Pedestal

For a long time there has been panic over chemicals in beauty products.

And for an equal period of time, that panic over chemicals has been annoying AF.

There seems to be a lot of shade being thrown at non-‘natural’ beauty products. Lots of, “I don’t want chemicals in my makeup,” or, “My shampoo is natural and chemical-free,” or, “OMG, my holy grail face wash has chemicals in it, so I have to switch.

No Such Thing

…as a chemical-free product. Period. End of story. Literally everything, including whatever crunchy goop you’re slathering on your face, is composed of chemicals. Everything. The banana-kale smoothie you somehow gulped down at breakfast, your favorite computer, you, me – made of chemicals.

I hope I didn’t blow your mind with that, but if I did…good! Every realization like this helps reduce the blind panic over chemicals.

Ending the Panic over Chemicals

First, consider these five words:

Chemicals are not inherently bad.

…and then these ones:

Just because something is natural does not make it effective let alone good or safe for use in or on our bodies.

Both are truths, and it’s really all you need.

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