LUSH Bath Bombs

In September, I visited a LUSH store for the first time. I’m familiar with the brand, of course, but had never tried their products – shopping for such things requires at least one physical visit before retreating to the internet for future purchases.

I rarely take baths, but I knew I wanted bath bombs. From there, I had no idea. Luckily for me, I encountered a friendly, knowledgeable employee (whose name, I regret, I do not remember) who asked me some questions to make recommendations:

“Do you like glitter?” Woman, is that even a question? Of course it is – plenty of customers don’t care for glitter. That’s fine, more for me. “What kind of fragrances do you like? Clean? Warm? Vanilla-y? Citrus? What else?” There were a few more – but she led me to two. The Experimenter, which is vanilla and tonka…

LUSH - The ExperimenterLUSH Cosmetics – Experimenter Bath Bomb

She said it was a good, “gateway,” bath bomb. Under her guidance, I also picked up Twilight, which is lavender and tonka…

LUSH - Twilight
LUSH Cosmetics – Twilight Bath Bomb

which was the best thing I smelled in the store that day.

Bath Bomb Use

I used Experimenter first – and she was completely right. The warm vanilla bath bomb was fun, colorful, and glittery to boot. To my delight, it wasn’t a pain in the ass to clean my tub afterwards, either.


After you’ve drained the tub, turn on your shower for a minute to help rinse away any remaining glitter or color that may have stuck around. I didn’t notice any color, but my (textured!) tub floor was shimmery. Running the shower before it had time to dry saved me from scrubbing later!

After a particularly grueling work week, I ran a bath last Friday and tossed Twilight in. I was almost reluctant to do it because it meant I wouldn’t smell it sitting there in its little paper bag! Unused, it was noticeable, but not strong, overwhelming, or – most importantly for me – headache inducing.

For that matter, my entire store visit wasn’t headache inducing. Sure can’t say that about Bath and Body Works! (To be fair, B&BW wouldn’t be so bad if so many people didn’t think it was their personal perfume closet. The amount of people I see go in there, douse themselves in testers, and bail is appalling.)

My Thoughts

I would have stayed in both baths, but especially the Twilight bath, for hours if it weren’t for the water cooling off to an unpleasant point. LUSH’s bath bombs aren’t only glitter, fragrance, and fun colors. Each one is different, but they’re not only a novelty – they’re functional too; my skin was noticeably softer after those two baths. I’d definitely buy Twilight again, but I think I’ll try something other than Experimenter as part of my next purchase.

I see this becoming a (fun) problem. Have you ever used a LUSH Bath Bomb?