Essie Penny Talk & Other Metallics

Essie Penny Talk

Essie Penny Talk, $9

I haven’t been buying a ton of nail polish lately, but a few different trusted sources recommended Essie Penny Talk. I saw swatches, really liked it, so I picked it up on sale.

The color is really lovely, but Essie Penny Talk isn’t for me.

Somewhere along the way I forgot how much of a ridiculous pain in the ass frosty, metallic nail polish is. It streaks like a drunkard who managed to get onto the field at a sporting event. I stopped buying polishes like this ages ago; even when I was in the thick of my polish obsession (color changes every 1-2 days, spending hours, etc), I couldn’t get over how annoying application was. Seriously, what’s the secret? What mystical sacrifice is required to get this polish, and others like it, to apply well?

If I didn’t have bothers to give then, I definitely don’t have the time or bothers to give now!

I’d rather have a coppery or rose gold chrome powder to set over gel. If you have the time and patience to get through it, Essie Penny Talk is not only pretty great for fall, but can behave as a neutral – if you can get it on without the damn streaks, that is. I’d love to give you swatches, but it takes five-ever to get a decent application. If I ever get another salon manicure, I might bring it with me to see if the nail technician can make it work.

Do you have any polishes that you LOVE the look of but hate the application of?

5 thoughts on “Essie Penny Talk & Other Metallics”

  1. Have you tried applying the final coat with a cosmetic wedge? I find that makes even the streakiest of polishes look smooth after you add top coat. I use it on all of my multi-chrome and chrome, along with a black or dark base coat to cut down on coats.

    • !

      Marie, you’re a genius. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that – I use that method for ombres and glitters, after all.

      I was going to do another Bubble Bath manicure this week, but I’m definitely going to retry Penny Talk with a wedge. Thank you for the tip!

  2. You’re welcome! Believe me, I struggled with Metallics for so long and took off so many shiny manicures minutes after they dried due to the streaks. I read this tip on a blog (and can’t for the life of me remember which on) and it was a total game changer!!

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