Invisalign Update: I’m DONE!

Over two years ago, I started down this journey to correct the alignment of what I scathingly lovingly called my creatively arranged teeth. You can check out the annals of this whole thing by visiting My Invisalign Journey page, which chronicles all my Invisalign posts. The End In early June, I completed my 85th and … Read more

Invisalign Update: Third Invisalign Refinement Update

Third Invisalign Refinement Update Last week, I had an appointment to pick up the trays for my third Invisalign refinement course. The third course is focused on moving the stubborn incisors I discussed in this post. Since my last update in which I shared that my mamelons had been smoothed a bit, my tongue can … Read more

New Page: My Journey with Invisalign

This morning, a new page went live on the site that chronicles my Invisalign journey. This page does not present new content so much as summarizes and links-to the myriad posts on my experiences with Invisalign. To access the page, you can click the link in this paragraph, or you can click the link at … Read more

My Invisalign Journey

In 2017, I started my Invisalign Jorney. Early that year, I began chewing on the idea of pursuing orthodontia. I hated my teeth my entire life and finally took matters into my own hands. As of January 2019, I’m about to start my third round of refinement. I publish posts periodically with updates on my … Read more

Invisalign Update: More Refinement

I’m a little over thirteen months into my Invisalign treatment. Last week, I wrapped up my seventeenth refinement tray! That’s it, 53 trays and I’m done! So I thought. At the conclusion of my round of treatment, I returned to the orthodontist to, I hoped, remove my attachments. When I arrived, my doctor informed me … Read more