Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural N9Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural / N9 Copper Pink, $11

Have you ever come across an item and reacted, “I need ten of these?”

That’s how I feel about Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N9, Copper Pink. A few years ago, Sephora offered a mini of it as their birthday perk and I initially dismissed it without trying it. Definitely a fan of MLBBs, I have no idea what I was thinking. Eventually, I got around to it and was nonplussed. For me, it’s the most accurate one yet! Naturally, though, it appears to be discontinued. FML.

At some point thereafter, I purchased a full size seeing it was on clearance on Sephora’s site (wail). Since I’ve had Invisalign, I haven’t worn lipstick very often; it comes off on the dang trays. Every now and then it will slip my mind and I’ll reach for one of the few MAC MLBB-type shades I have (Twig, Cosmo, Creme in your Coffee), but I always come back to Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink for shade match, ease of application, and wear.


It doesn’t dry my lips out and doesn’t require special pre-application prep, and it doesn’t settle into the lines of my lips in an awkward way. Now, granted, if your lips are in poor shape (super flaky/crazy) no lipstick will play nice – but this doesn’t require hand-holding if your lips are in fair shape to start.

This is a shinier formula, so it isn’t long lasting – but I’m OK with that. It wears away and reapplies gracefully without fuss or muss.

The Bottom Line

I just learned that Make Up For Ever’s site still has it – and I’ll break my damn No Buy for this because I really love it. The great thing about MLBB shades is that they are appropriate for EVERYTHING – and I really want workhorses in my cosmetic, “wardrobe.”