No Buy Oops – What I Bought

I broke my no buy by getting a disappointing manicure. Fortunately, the pedicure I got with it was decent, but dear heavens is it difficult to get a manicure that doesn’t suck.

I learned my lesson – I DIY for a reason!

Anyway, while we’re at it – when I was planning, I failed to recognize that Ulta was going to release a 20% Platinum Perk and that Sephora was going to have its coveted BI sale smack in the middle of my attempted limited consumerism.


It’s not all bad. I didn’t go crazy. I bought:

Viseart Warm MattesGaw-geous

The Viseart palette was definitely a splurge for me, but it’s been on my wishlist for a good long while, and the opportunity to not pay full price for one is very rare.

No Buy

Updating the Challenge

So my new challenge to myself is to resume the No Buy as planned AND…

  • No new eyeshadow palettes for 2017. Seriously.
  • No new blush for 2017.
  • Lip products can be replaced if they run out (like MAC Twig, a recent favorite that swiftly became my daily driver), but no NEW ones can be purchased.
  • Mascara can be repurchased, but no experimenting with new ones unless they’re samples.
  • Likewise with concealer.

Have you screwed up a No Buy before?

3 thoughts on “No Buy Oops – What I Bought”

  1. I have been debating on a Viseart palette and have been looking at the ‘Paris Nudes’ for months but have also been interested in the ABH lip palette. I need a foundation that finally matches me and maybe one more warm-tone blush and then I am limiting myself to skincare, mascara and lip items – also in warm tones as I have more cool tone mauves than I can count…

  2. I am one to give you some slack but that’s probably because I haven’t started my no buy yet. Very quicky, I wore mostly drug store brands in high school. I got stuck on Clinique and their gifts with purchase as well, even getting my prom make up done at a Clinique counter. I’ve been a Sephora beauty insider since 2008, but never bought much stuff. That all changed last year, as I was introduced to more beauty blogs and beauty you tubers. So now I am Rouge and Platinum and I need to get things under control. I have totally been experimenting, sampling and I’d like to get a good routine down. I was waiting for the VIB sale because I used up my Sunday Riley samples and there was no way in hell that I was paying full price for full sizes. I know I should prioritize skin care spending but I love the color stuff so much. I do buy a ton of SPF products because I am very fair and burn very easily.

    I don’t need any more eye shadow and I don’t need any more highlighters. I’m not super into blush so I’m good with the few I have.

    I’m not saying I haven’t been sucked in sometimes but I need to stay away from limited edition items. Are value kits counted in that? I love the Sephora favorites kits but most of the the time those are a very good value and less that retail price for buying all the items separately. Clearly, I need to work out my rules for my no buy. I have lots of Ulta points so I could theoretically buy things with points for a while. No cash out of pocket. It’s super late and I better end this rambling comment,

    Good luck on your no buy!

    • Yeah – I went from nothing to building a fairly large collection. Not like big blogger/YouTuber large, but larger than I need. I attribute it mostly to exploration and learning what I like as far as makeup goes, so I’m not really making a ton of exploratory purchases.

      At this point, I eschew limited editions EXCEPT stuff like the Sephora Favorites sets. They aren’t usually crap quality, because they aren’t assembled by the brands. When companies like Too Faced or UD does a mega palette or when MAC does some LE bundle, they skimp on quality to deliver a shitload of variety at an attractive price.

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