March 2017 Favorites

March 2017 FavoritesMarch 2017 Favorites
1. MAC Twig / 2. Tip to Toe Electric File / 3. Alpha Skin 10% AHA gel
4. Contigo Autoseal Chill / 5. Silkn ReVit


My first MAC lipstick was Brave, but it was almost – and probably should have been – Twig. It’s not news that I’m into my-lips-but-better shades of lipstick, and I have a handful. Like Brave, Twig is a satin finish and walks the line between longevity and comfort. I’ve been wearing it non-stop.


This is isn’t the first time I’ve mentioned the Tip to Toe powered file. I’ve learned that I can get away with using it dry once a week to maintain – so I’m using more often, now. Previously, I used it about once a month in conjunction with my Callus Eliminator. I’ve had good results. On a related note, a girlfriend of mine reported great results using the Baby Foot peel – have you used that? I’m not sure if I want to go that hard.


For a while, I had discontinued use of an AHA as I was experimenting with how to deal with my changing skin. During my AHA-hiatus, my go-to brand, Alpha Hydrox, rebranded as Alpha Skin. Unfortunately, prices increased with the rebranding – but the products are still solid, and still cheaper than most of their peers. I picked up the 10% AHA gel (I used to use a lotion from them, but it was greasy-feeling and gross, albeit effective) and have been loving it for 1-2x weekly usage.


I still use my Contigo Autoseal Grace water bottle at home, but found myself wanting something insulated for the office to keep my water cool. I picked up the stainless steel Contigo Autoseal Chill at Target and so far it keeps water cold for an entire workday in an office as well as through at least 8 hours of outdoor adventures in 75+ degree heat.


The Silkn ReVit is an at-home microdermabrasion tool and it’s shockingly good. I tried a competitor late last year without much to speak of in results, but the ReVit is really nice. A real review (on both) is in the works; for now, imagine the difference between it and manual physical exfoliation (like with a scrub) to be similar to the difference between an electric and manual toothbrush. It isn’t a joke, though, and should only be used about once a week. Twice, max, if you’re hardcore…which I am not. I got mine at Costco for about $30 less than the normal $99 retail.