Tip2Toe Electric Callus Tool

I am a fan of flip-flops.

Seriously, you don’t know. I wore them in the winter until I moved somewhere Truly Snowy in the Winter (and have since wised up). I have a $50 pair of Rainbows and they are joy.

(I never claimed to be fashionable.)

Tip2Toe - Box

Anyway, as a result of being flip-flop-focused, I need to pay a little more attention to pedicures. Last Christmas, my husband got me a Tip2Toe Electric Callus tool (knowing my pedi-obsession) from Amazon. It is a high-powered (and I do mean high) electric rotary tool that you use to buff dead skin from your feet. I had actually considered just getting a dremel (not because my feet are atrocious, but because I’m lazy) – but I couldn’t figure out what grit(s) would be safe to use.

The Tip2Toe has a long cord with a GFI switch at the plug (like a hairdryer) to protect you – like I said, this sucker is high powered. You need to be very careful or you will hurt yourself. To use it, you attach its little, yellow, proprietary buffing discs (it comes with a few)…

Tip2Toe - Disc

After soaking your feet to soften them (or, you know, showering – that’s usually fine), you can go to work. It works. It smooths them, but for me, didn’t remove the excess like I so desired. I am anti-Credo blade, anti-grater. But then, I figured it out!

It has a switch on the handle and a dial to control speed. I haven’t felt the need to use it on anything other than the lowest setting; even then, it is FAST.

Tip2Toe - ControlsTip2Toe Electric Callus Tool Controls

Having treated myself to a salon pedicure in June, I learned the formula for success.

Soak + Callus Remover (I use Gena Callus Off) + Tip2Toe Buffer = Success!

Gena Callus Off

The Gena Callus Off product has been in my collection for a while, and I use it periodically with a Mr. Pumi pumice bar. It also does okay, but doesn’t blow me away. With their powers combined, though, they lay waste to excess callusing.

Remember! Your feet need calluses!  It’s how our skin protects us. As long as you walk, you will have them and you do need them. I am only referring to removing thickened or excessive callusing that causes either discomfort or that looks…bothersome. DO NOT attempt to remove all of your calluses! Trust – you’ll have a bad time.

  1. Soak your feet. Because I lack the luxury of time, I don’t sit around soaking my feet – I just shower and then do the steps after that. Same effect!
  2. Pat off excess water, but don’t allow your feet to get super dry.
  3. Apply Gena Callus off (or callus remover of choice) to desired areas, spread around (wear gloves if you can; wash hands otherwise).
  4. Leave it on for 1-5 minutes (time it!) depending on your needs.
  5. Blot away excess product without wiping it away entirely.
  6. Whip out the Tip2Toe Electric Callus tool. Power it on and jump from how loud it is (high-powered motorized electrics = noise!)
  7. Applying very light pressure, gently move the buffer over the areas in question. Assess the level of disgust you feel at the amount of skin it removes (you will see it), and consider how thankful you are for the product, the tool, and this post. (Note: I find using it at an angle works best for me [trying to make the buffer flush against my skin just doesn’t work for me, I end up using too much pressure and the tool, ‘jerks,’ away, but you may need to experiment to see what works best for you.)

My criticisms of the Tip2Toe are:

  •  The way the flat buffing discs are oriented on the device can make it a little awkward to handle. I find holding it by the, “barrel,” rather than the handle makes it a lot easier – just like maneuvering a hairdryer.
  • The buffing discs are proprietary and can so far only be semi-consistently found on Amazon. They aren’t expensive, but I prefer items to be accessible because I know not everyone prefers online shopping. Fortunately, each disc can be used several times before being retired (but don’t share, because that’s not sanitary and I’m pretty sure these can’t be sanitized properly).

I hope sharing this helps my fellow pedicure fanatics save some time and money and my fellow flip-flop and sandal wearers be a) more physically comfortable and b) more comfortable with the fact that you will not look as though you trekked barefoot through a desert.

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