Throwback Roundup – March 2016

Throwback Roundup

I’m trying to make a concerted effort to have a presence in good ol’ Twitter’s Throwback Thursday shenanigans. Not everyone likes or uses Twitter, though (no judgment – it took me a long time to come around and accept it as a tool) – so I figured a good way to maybe revive old content might be to do a monthly roundup. In addition to my Twitter activity, I’ll share a throwback roundup as a proper post on the last posting day of the month.

Get nostalgic with me!


Sephora Flash was one of the best things Sephora ever did. A $50 free ship minimum is rough, and most people just aren’t going to hit VIBR.

I still recommend this method for matte gel manicures rather than buying a specific matte gel.

I’m still not convinced that I should shop in-store more often.

…and I’m still not amused by Too Faced’s Selfie Powders.

Burt’s Bees usually does right by me, but their, “ultra conditioning,” balm was anything but.

The Wet Brush - Stock Photo

Ah – this seriously feels like yesterday. The Wet Brush is the best hairbrush ever, and you need one. I’ve given them away, given them as gifts, and bought spares.

Are people still buying LimeCrime? After this whole thing, I’d be surprised.

February 2015 Favorites

The February 2015 Favorites – and I still love and would recommend all of these products.


No longer available (presumably because it got crappy reviews), Stila’s Hydrating Finishing Powder.

My favorites from the previous month, February 2014. Still use & love three of the four products in this, even if I suck at using one of them. The gloss, however, isn’t interesting to me anymore.

The Sonia Kashuk shower cap I still use and love. They’ve been discontinued, I think, but you might still be able to find them at your local Target. I bought a backup, still unboxed, when I heard they were discontinuing them.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner

Demonstrating how awesome Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner is. I’m still not good at it, but the product is still solid. I still wholeheartedly recommend. (Duh, I just gave some away not long ago!)

Biore’s pleasant-feeling but largely ineffective heating masks. Biore Japan makes some incredible stuff (like my favorite sunscreen!), but their US division falls flat.

I still use this Noxzema cleanser when I need to break out the big guns, but just like two years ago…it is definitely not a daily cleanser.

For the love of gel polish. Yeah, it’s still my go-to manicure polish method. I have some on now, in fact! Same lamp and everything – still going strong.

Milani Eye Tech Extreme

Want a drugstore dupe of that delightful Stila liner? Milani, although kind of hard to find these days, nailed it.