New: beautyblender beautyblusher

beautyblender beautyblusherbeautyblender beautyblusher

I never was impressed by the beautyblender To me, they just seemed too small to be easily handled. A tiny sponge jumping out of your hands is not a useful sponge. I am, however, a beautyblender classic loyal…and unlike the beautyblender Nude which left me kind of confused, I really love the newest addition to the family – the beautyblender beautyblusher.

I definitely have applied blush with my beautyblender (love it for the Josie Maran Argan Infinity ones!), but a slightly-smaller (without being mini!) sponge would really be ideal for placement and blending.

The folks at beautyblender chose this light, heather grey color for the sponge to make it easier for the user to gauge the opacity of the color they’re applying before they apply it. Finally – a recent color choice that makes sense.

Let’s not leave the conversation at blush, though – this could make a huge difference for cream contour users. I do not use cream contour now, but I’d certainly be more inclined to with a fool-proof beautyblender that is better-suited to the task of blending it.

My Sephora has not yet stocked these, but I’m anxious to check it out in person. Will you purchase the beautyblusher?