PSA: Sephora Flash Shipping

I just signed up for Amazon Prime last month because I, like many people these days, prefer to shop online. It allows me to make better use of my time. I’m not here to shill Prime to you. If you’re here (…on the internet?), reading, you know what it is, you’ve heard about it, and you know a lot of the benefits.

I had a completely different post scheduled for today (something else new, fun an intriguing), but this is too good, friends.

To my delight, I happened upon this glorious page on Sephora’s site – Sephora Flash Shipping.

Sephora Flash Shipping

It’s a good thing this is a blog and not a Livestream. I’m so excited about this that it’s probably awkward. ANYWAY.

Sephora Flash is basically Sephora’s version of Prime. Before, either you had to spend $50 to get free shipping unless you had a promo code OR you had to be one of the folks that managed to hit VIB Rouge.

$10 per year gets you the same shipping benefits that a VIB Rouge member earns: unlimited 2-day Shipping for an entire year. No purchase minimums. Discounted next-day shipping for only $5.95. It is still included with a VIB Rouge membership, but the rest of us plebs can get good shipping at an outstanding rate.

Sephora Flash shipping pays for itself in TWO orders. That means you don’t need to be a complete Sephora junkie to get your money’s worth! Realistically, despite running Beauty Skeptic I don’t order from Sephora all that often and probably wouldn’t consider signing up for Sephora Flash…but it’s only ten flipping dollars. Very easy to make this pay for itself; no more having to throw together a $50 order just to get free shipping.

For some people, this could mean major self control issues. For me, though, it’s perfect – if I only wanted to buy one thing, I’d be able to buy one thing without feeling bad for paying $5.99 for shipping or whatever. I wouldn’t feel compelled to build a $50 cart with stuff that, sure, I may indeed want (but maybe wasn’t planning to buy yet) to avoid paying shipping. I’m thrilled that Sephora is offering this.

tl;dr: Sephora Flash. $10/year. Free 2-Day Shipping, $5.95 Overnight Shipping. If you make 2+ Sephora orders per year, you need dis. You can tell the nice folks at Sephora to shut up and take your money here.