Pedicures, Revisited

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We’ve officially hit Spring (though tell the weather in my area that). We are now closer to the start of sandal season than the start of boot season! That’s celebration-worthy. When the chill of and Winter set in, though, a lot of people relax their attitude towards certain areas of grooming – like shaving or pedicures.

Before I continue, this post is not intended to judge or slam your personal choices. At the end of the day, you should absolutely do what you’re comfortable with, what you have time for, etc. If it means taking a break from the tedium that is regular shaving with a classic razor, cool (though I recommend at least trying an electric or laser option). 

So, personally, I am not comfortable with letting dead skin and calluses go unchecked. It isn’t really a self-conscious things so much as a physically-I-don’t-like-it thing. I do like to go barefoot (meaning sock-free) in my home, and am at least 85% of the time – so my feet tend to form calluses fairly swiftly. Giving myself pedicures is a little effort that goes a long way in helping me feel put-together (and it doesn’t matter if I’m the only one who sees or knows!)

It’s a personal preference thing; just like I don’t care for errant patches of dry, rough skin on my face, I don’t care for them on my legs or feet.

I’ll make an analogy for you – everyone’s heard of people frantically dieting come early Spring to, “Prepare for bikini season,” or whatever. But we all actually know that taking better care of yourself consistently – routine maintenance, if you would – is far easier than trying to play catch-up.

It needn’t be some frequent or time-consuming, high-maintenance adventure; once a month is usually enough. It also needn’t be some frivolous money-sink. You DON’T need to be a salon frequent-flier or own hardcore, professional-grade tools and potions or have a friend who works at CosmoProf to be able to do these things for yourself.

Although I enjoy salon pedicures, I do most of mine myself. No, it isn’t as much of a treat that way BUT it means I can do it on my own time. Think about it – as a busy professional, being able to go, “Hey I think I’ll do this,” at 8:30PM on a Sunday with a glass of wine is pretty nice. I don’t have the leave the house, I don’t have to wait for a technician or deal with the salon taking more clients than they’re staffed for, I don’t have to navigate awkward small talk, or endure overzealous use of the pumice stone, and so forth. Beyond that? You know how your tools have been maintained and sterilized. And to top that off? It costs less! 

Bonus: Even things that are considered, “luxury,” add-ons are far more cost-effective to do at home – like scrubs, leg masques, and paraffin dips, which salons charge an additional $5-15 for.

When do you start your sandal-ready prep, if at all? Or are you like me, and just maintain year-round?

2 thoughts on “Pedicures, Revisited”

  1. Pedicures are my least favorite beauty routine out of all of them. I despise having to fix my feet/toes. It’s just so ridiculously uncomfortable, gross, and not fun for me, and never ends up looking as good as I wanted it to!

    I HATE the disgusting feeling of having lotion on my feet. I HATE wearing socks over lotion, or to bed. I hate touching my feet with any tools because I am so absurdly ticklish that even me touching them myself is ticklish enough to p*** me off. Pumice stone or a loofah in the shower? Morning ruined. My toe nails are paper thin, just like my fingernails, so at least I can use nail scissors to cut them throughout the year. A nail file would make me punch through a wall.

    I have never had a professional pedicure because I’d probably kick the first person to touch my foot in the nose. :(

    So yeah, I wait until the heat in sneakers/closed shoes is intolerable before I consider doing anything to fix my feet. Thank goodness it’s still cold in my state.

    • Aw, I’m sorry that your skin and nerves are so sensitive!

      It is pretty gross to contend with, right? Regular maintenance makes it less gross, but yeah. Not quite the most fun beauty procedure, though I do enjoy the results.

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