Silkn Flash and Go Update 2

Silkn Flash and Go Freedom

It’s been a long time (almost a year, definitely longer than I thought) since I’ve talked about my use of the Silkn Flash and Go Freedom device here on the blog. Rest assured, I’ve still been using it. There was a period of time during Autumn during which I was a bit erratic with use, but I haven’t given up.

I can say it has not delivered on its promise of a permanent removal (which, really, should be reduction) within eight treatments. I have not reduced my reliance on my razor nearly as much as I had hoped to by this point in ownership and usage.

I can also say, however, that hair in the treated areas has been very noticeably reduced in abundance. In addition to amount, hair that does continue to grow at this point is not as coarse, and I can go slightly longer without shaving my underarms if I wish to wear sleeveless tops. That said, I do still need to shave.

I have not yet bothered with this on my legs (mostly because I haven’t found the time to spend a half hour on each leg every couple weeks), but have been working on bikini area treatments since late Autumn and have noticed a reduction in that area (moreso, actually, than my underarms so far).

It is making a difference, it just isn’t as fast as the folks at Silk’n have made it seem.