Silkn Flash and Go Update 2

Silkn Flash and Go Freedom

It’s been a long time (almost a year, definitely longer than I thought) since I’ve talked about my use of the Silkn Flash and Go Freedom device here on the blog. Rest assured, I’ve still been using it. There was a period of time during Autumn during which I was a bit erratic with use, but I haven’t given up.

I can say it has not delivered on its promise of a permanent removal (which, really, should be reduction) within eight treatments. I have not reduced my reliance on my razor nearly as much as I had hoped to by this point in ownership and usage.

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Silkn Flash and Go Freedom Update 1

Silkn Flash and Go Freedom Update 1Silkn Flash and Go Freedom Update 1

Silkn Flash and Go Freedom Update 1: I completed my third treatment last week. While it is still to early to say, “Yes, it is completely working as intended,” I have noticed a difference in the growth of hair. It is gradually lessening. It’s still there, but we aren’t done yet – so far, I’m satisfied with the progression of things.

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First Look: Silkn Flash and Go Freedom Unboxing

Silkn Flash and Go Freedom Box

“I love shaving/waxing/epilating/depilatory-ing!” said no woman ever.

I say, “woman,” because I do know of men that enjoy shaving.

Many moons ago, a laser hair removal school was in my area – if you’d be their guinea pig, you’d get a full course of treatments for something like 75% off (this was during the Land Before Groupon). Students were supervised and guided by a licensed, experienced instructor; and all of the students were either doctors or licensed estheticians. It wasn’t unpleasant, and the first session went well – but lasting results come from a course of treatments. Unrelated circumstances prevented me from continuing, but I have wanted to ever since.

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