First Look: Silkn Flash and Go Freedom Unboxing

Silkn Flash and Go Freedom Box

“I love shaving/waxing/epilating/depilatory-ing!” said no woman ever.

I say, “woman,” because I do know of men that enjoy shaving.

Many moons ago, a laser hair removal school was in my area – if you’d be their guinea pig, you’d get a full course of treatments for something like 75% off (this was during the Land Before Groupon). Students were supervised and guided by a licensed, experienced instructor; and all of the students were either doctors or licensed estheticians. It wasn’t unpleasant, and the first session went well – but lasting results come from a course of treatments. Unrelated circumstances prevented me from continuing, but I have wanted to ever since.

Despite really wanting to for years, laser hair removal isn’t inexpensive (even with Groupons for half-off). On top of that, then you have the matter of making appointments and having someone as up-close-and-personal as you’d experience in a waxing scenario. Even if you’re insured to the level of awkwardness that accompanies that situation it still isn’t pleasant.

I managed not to see the Silkn Flash and Go Freedom when I was browsing and wrote my Noteworthy and New at Sephora post, but a very good friend spotted it and brought it to my attention. There are other home-use light or laser hair removal gadgets on the market these days, but many of them are in the $400-500 range, and that’s a bit tough to swallow. The Silkn Flash and Go Freedom (which is also available at Nordstrom) is by no means cheap, but does cost less than many other at-home options out there, and is far less costly than professional treatments.

Normally, I’d labor over such a purchase – as much as I love buttons and internet in my beauty regimen, that’s still a lot to spend on a single item. But when I read the National Institute of Health’s favorable findings about the Silkn Flash and Go Freedom along with dozens of positive consumer reviews, I decided to give it a shot. Even still having to keep a razor in the house to contend with what little hair would remain, the Silkn Flash and Go Freedom will save me approximately $100 a year on blades (assuming I replaced every 2-3 weeks, which is a stretch). The device would pay for itself swiftly in that way alone, but it also worth considering how much time will be saved by not having to bother with hair removal as frequently. It is less painful than waxing and more cost effective, convenient, and less awkward than going to a laser treatment center or med-spa. Worst case scenario, if it is ineffective, Sephora has a great return policy to ensure their customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Silkn Flash and Go Freedom - Box Insert

This at-home pulsed-light hair removal device is marketed as a permanent hair removal device – but it is important to have realistic expectations. These methods are not going to completely rid you of hair in the properly-treated areas. What the Silkn Flash and Go Freedom will do, however, is provide you with a lasting, substantial reduction.
Silkn Flash and Go Freedom - Device Adapter

The Silkn Flash and Go Freedom is a handheld device powered via an AC adapter. Conveniently, it comes with some international adapters if you’re into traveling. When you turn it on, a fan kicks up and you can adjust the power level (there are five, not 9000) of the light pulse/flash via the buttons on the top.

Silkn Flash and Go Freedom Device Top

A small lamp on the front is what you gently press to your skin at the area you wish to treat is triggered by, well, a trigger – it initiates a bright flash that is what actually does the work. The lamp itself has a lifespan – the lamp that comes with the device has a lifespan of 5,000 flashes/pulses, but it is replaceable; they sell a 120,000 pulse lamp for $99 (but you can get it cheaper – Bed Bath & Beyond carries it and often has a 20% off coupon!) – and that should be enough for the average user’s entire life – a full course of treatment for legs, underarms, bikini, other areas, as well as touch-ups.

Silkn Flash and Go Freedom - Device Profile

So far, I’ve only done one treatment so I can’t speak to the efficacy of the Silkn Flash and Go Freedom device, but that will come further down the road when I’ve had more time to use it and monitor the results. This isn’t something, unlike my Clarisonic Mia 2, that I could sit on for a year without so much as mentioning – I’m too excited!

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